Can’t Joe Biden get unity? Vatican reaction

Two years ago, a pastor in South Carolina refused to make a noise Joe Fidenovi Holy religion. It turns out that there are more supporters for this approach. Archbishop Charles J. Snyder, President of the United States Saput points out that the hierarchy believes this will not allow him to fully enjoy the rituals. The priest argues that a politician should not receive sacred communion because public figures who identify themselves as Catholics may offend other believers by making contradictory views on the teachings of the Church and making the appearance that the moral rights of the Church are preferable.

Vatican letter against Fidel?

The Vatican was also interested in the matter. It was a reaction to Archbishop Gomez’s announcement that he had sent out a notice in late March of his will to vote on the document “Refusing to Unite Politicians Who Support Abortion During the June Bishops’ Meeting”.

Cardinal Louis Lataria, chairman of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, wrote a letter to the President of the Conference of American Bishops, urging him to “be careful in dealing with Catholic politicians about the moral doctrine of the Church.” The American media undoubtedly viewed the Vatican’s letter as an attempt to forbid unity with the country’s president.

Sam Joe Biden He is the second Catholic president in American history. First John F. Kennedy. Democrats have repeatedly stated that he is personally opposed to abortion, but for the right to choose.

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