Canara Diya Online Account Opening: How to Open a Savings Account?

Canara Diya Online Account Opening

Canara Bank offers a variety of savings accounts from which customers can pick based on their needs. When it comes to Canara bank’s online account opening, the bank’s major purpose is to keep one’s money safe while also providing interest to the customer.

Canara Diya Online Account Opening

Canara bank has made the account opening process easier and simpler by providing Canara bank account opening online due to the vast selection of savings accounts. We can open an account online from anywhere and at any time.

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A Quick Overview of Canara Bank’s Online Account Opening

Canara Bank offers a variety of savings accounts, each of which is tailored to the needs and requirements of the customer. If you fall into the category of high-end consumers, for example, you will be offered premium savings account with advanced features and great customer support.

Canara Diya Online Account Opening

Children under the age of 18 will have a minor savings account, which they will be able to manage autonomously and with a lower minimum balance requirement.

Canara bank accounts can be opened in one of two ways: online or offline. However, the Canara bank account established online has been increasingly popular in recent years due to its simple procedures and ease of use.

Consumers who open an account online will have some perks when compared to customers who open accounts offline, although many elements are universal to both online and offline customers. For example, in metropolitan areas, clients should keep a minimum average balance of Rs.1000, while in semi-urban and rural areas, it should be Rs.500.

How to Open An Online Canara Bank Account?

Canara Bank account opening online is a simple process that is also mobile-friendly, so it can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Canara Diya Online Account Opening

In the past, if you needed to open an account, you had to go to a branch and wait for many hours, but Canara Bank has now developed an online account creation process to make the process easier and more convenient.

Instead of visiting the website, which would take a long time, you will be opening an account using Canara Diya, where Diya stands for digitally your account. This is a website that will assist users in opening a Canara bank savings account online.

This feature will be available on both the web and mobile, allowing you to use Canara Diya from any location. It is not only a simple and straightforward procedure, but it also saves time.

Several Types Of Canara Bank Savings Accounts

Canara Champ Deposit Scheme: This scheme is designed specifically for children aged 12 and under, and there is no requirement to maintain a minimum balance. This can be done via the internet.

Canara Diya Online Account Opening

Canara Small Savings Bank Deposit Account: This account is for those who are unable to furnish all of the required KYC documentation. You can’t accomplish this online since you’ll need to go to your local bank location to obtain the required form.

Canara Jeevandhara Sb Account For Senior Citizens: This account is designed specifically for India’s senior citizens and can be opened online, however, the signature specimen card must be submitted to the branch.

Canara SB Power Plus: This is for the most affluent consumers, and the minimum balance required is Rs.1 lakh. It necessitates a number of processes, necessitating a visit to the branch.

Canara Payroll Package Saving Bank Account: This is a type of salary account, and the company must have at least 25 employees to qualify. And for this, a large number of documents must be submitted.

Regular Canara Bank Savings Account: The regular savings bank account is for ordinary people, and it requires a minimum balance of Rs.500 to Rs.1000, depending on the locality. This can be done via the internet.

Canara NSIGSE Saving Bank Deposit Account: This account is designed specifically for girls from SC/ST families and requires no initial deposit because it is a zero balance account.

Here Are the Steps to Open a Canara Bank Account Online

1. To open a Canara bank account online, you must first access the Diya platform; if you are using a mobile device, go to the Google Play Store and download the app.

2. After you’ve logged in, you’ll see an option that says “I believe I’m seeing you for the first time.”

You should click the first one, but make sure you haven’t previously had an account with Canara Bank; if you have, you should choose the second one.

3. It will then prompt you to enter your Aadhar number, but you must first agree to the terms and conditions otherwise the system will display an error. You can put in your Aadhar number after you have accepted the terms and conditions.

4. However, you must first verify that your mobile number is linked to your Aadhar number, and only then will you be able to go to the following stage. If your cellphone number does not match your Aadhar number, you will be unable to go to the next step.

5. After you’ve input your Aadhar number, you’ll receive an OTP code on your phone that’s linked to your Aadhar number.

6. Enter the OTP number in the required column; this will take you to a page with all of your information, which you must check to see if the information is valid.

Your name, address, and date of birth, which you provided for the Aadhar card, are among the personal details.

7. Once you’ve pressed enter, you’ll be taken to the following screen, where you’ll be asked whether you have a pan card or not.

If you do not have a Pan card, you must fill out Form 60 and submit it to your nearest bank branch.

If you have a pan card, select the first option; if you don’t, select the second option.

8. It will then ask for information such as your passport number, voter ID number, license number, profession, and gross annual income in the next step. The necessary fields to fill are your annual income and profession, while the other columns can be left blank.

9. The page will then direct you to specific Canara bank instructions that you must follow if you have a Canara bank account. Your minimum balance, withdrawal, and other instructions are included.

10. When you’ve finished reading all of the instructions, click Next.

11. The page will then send you to the following phase, where you must put in personal information such as your status and the information of your parents.

12. After you’ve input all of your information, you’ll be asked to fill out the nominee information, which includes mentioning anyone in your family.

13. Once you’ve completed the nominee information, you’ll be taken to the following stage. However, if you forget to input your parent’s name, it will redirect you to the previous page, so be sure you fill in all of the information.

14. The page will direct you to the next step after you have completed all of the details. Based on the information you’ve provided, you’ll see some of the bank’s services available to you.

15. After you’ve evaluated the facilities available to you, you’ll need to choose a branch. If you select “pick your branch,” you will be taken to a page where you must first input your state name and then search for your branch.

16. After you’ve completed the state and branch names, the next screen will ask for your mobile number and email address, which will be used to transmit all account-related information. So, when you’re giving the mail, double-check that you’re giving your mail account.

17. You will receive an OTP on your cell phone in the next stage, which you must fill out.

18. Enter the OTP and select “open account” from the drop-down menu. The procedure will take a few moments to complete.

19. After the process is finished, you will receive an e-welcome packet to your email address.

20. If you wish to download the information, look for the option “download your welcome kit” at the bottom of the page. So go ahead and click it to get your account information.

21. When you open the welcome kit that you downloaded, it will prompt you for a password; the password instructions will be provided earlier. If you didn’t notice, look at the image below to get your password.

22. Once you’ve entered the password, you’ll be able to open the PDF file.

That’s all there is to it; the procedure is straightforward and can be completed in a matter of minutes. It is possible to open a Canara bank online account without submitting a large number of documents.

Your welcome kit, which includes a personalized cheque book and ATM card, will arrive at your address in a few days. The kit will be delivered to the customer’s postal address within 7 to 8 business days of the account being opened.


The account opening process may be completed online in less than 5 minutes and is fully paperless. Using your Aadhar number, you can open an account right now. The branch name can be chosen online based on your preferences.

Even if you don’t have a pan card, you can open an account; however, your transaction options will be limited. You don’t need many documents to open an account online because Aadhar and a pan card are adequate.


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