Can You Win at Non GamStop Betting Without Knowing Anything About Sport?


This is a very absurd question for a guide to sports betting. Yet it is much more interesting than it seems. Indeed, she tells us about this beautiful stranger with fatal designs, luck. Beautiful because she is seductive because we could follow her to the end of the world, to the edge of madness. Disastrous because it makes us believe, because it gives us hope and then it leaves us weary, bloodless and penniless. Here is a story where luck becomes insolent and tramples all our science, all our experience and certainly all our pretensions.

The spirit of contradiction to win the jackpot? That works!

The story takes place in a village in the UK. A young woman has won 600,000 Pound Sterling by completing a sports betting grid of 14 matches. She knows absolutely nothing about football. She did not prepare for her matches. She did not use our sports predictions, nor those of any tipster. She bought her grid and she played the opposite results of those predicted by her father and her husband. This pretty snub, therefore, turned into a winning grid for an extraordinary combined bet. So, we can ask ourselves if it is worth preparing your bets methodically when any person can win by betting anyhow.

Never Ignore the Luck Factor

Non GamStop betting is thankless. We can have the best possible analysis, bet with our eyes closed and come across a meeting that will turn into a nightmare.

We can take for example the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final between Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain. The Parisians were eaten, much more than the tipsters thought with around twenty shots suffered, a dozen shots on target.

How many non GamStop bettors are hooked by the odds of Bayern’s victory which skyrocketed to 2-2 before Kylian Mbappé scored the 3rd goal and dashed the hopes of all those who bet on a Bayern goal and a victory for the latter? Well, the return match, it’s the opposite that happens, is produced with huge actions from PSG for a final victory of the Germans. This kind of match does not make sense.

Some bettors have won big, not by using a betting strategy, but simply by luck! The luck or the bad luck or just the uncertainty of the sport is a bit of the salt of the spectators and it is what makes the ratings high. The safer the outcome, the lower the odds will be for the favourite.

The choice of odds is therefore an element to minimise the impact of chance. From a certain level, the bettor plays with luck. For us, above 2.50 is playing with fire. You can do it, but then you have to adjust to the best level.

Set Your Budget

The most important step you should take before signing up for a non GamStop casino is to set your budget. To do this, sum up all your monthly income sources, and then set your entertainment budget. We hope that it will not exceed 10% of your income. Then allocate 1% – 2% of your entertainment budget to gambling. This way your losses will not cause you any bitterness and your winnings will always be appreciated since you will stick to placing low bets so your winnings will always be bigger. On the other hand, if you don’t stick to a specific budget, things can quickly slip out of your hands. It’s usually easier to start playing with a whole number like $100 or $1000 without thinking about anything else, but you’re very likely to lose that amount quickly. Check here the list of the best non Gamstop online betting sites.

Minimize the Randomness Factor!

If the luck factor is always present, it is possible to minimise it. Instead of playing punctually, you have to establish a long-term strategy. The goal of a bettor is not to win big on one go, but to win regularly over the medium term. You have to take into account your losses and your gains. A bettor who wins 500 euros every six months when he has played 1000 is a losing bettor. He must therefore change his strategy and not be obsessed with his one-off victories. If you play on online bookmakers like you play lotto, you will lose in the long run.

Don’t Trust the Touts!

When it comes to marketing, non GamStop bookmakers are very sneaky and smart! For example, a sports betting site can offer you a 10% cashback if your losses reach $1,000. Of course, no one dreams of losing, but in this case, you would say: “Even if I lose an amount like 1,000 I will have a $100 reserve.” Thus, you will deposit more and bet more options! However, the benefit of a bet means getting a higher value than your stake to make a profit. Therefore, do not trust the “promotional services” offered by sports betting sites and mostly rely on your own funding and bet what you can and don’t break your limits.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

This is simple, but essential advice. We avoid combined bets which can at non GamStop bookmakers be extremely profitable, but so random. It is already difficult to make the right analysis for a meeting so several… You have to have the luck of the lady whose story we have told you. The principle is to play in several matches by balancing the risks. Knowing how to estimate a good bet is also about estimating the right bet.