Can Trump apologize if family members are not charged?

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s speculation May apologize Before he leaves office for his family members or other supporters, he raises the question of whether an apology can be granted in advance – that is, before someone is blamed.

The answer is no doubt yes.

As the Supreme Court said Until 1866 The power of amnesty “applies to every crime known to the law, and may be exercised after its commission, at any time before or after the outcome of legal proceedings or after sentencing and sentencing.”

That is, an apology may be granted before anyone is tried, charged, or punished.

Power is conferred by the Constitution, which states that a president “has the power to pardon and pardon crimes committed against the United States.” Amnesty is therefore a federal offense already committed; In other words, forgiveness does not apply to future behavior, only to past actions.

Samuel Morrison, a Washington lawyer and former apologist for the judiciary, said a president can offer an apology that applies to anything a person has done in the past.

“The limits of the power of amnesty must be found in the Constitution, the only limit that the Supreme Court has so far recognized is that you must have committed a crime,” Morrison said.

Forgiveness can be said in a broad way. The apology was made shortly before Thanksgiving Michael Flynn, former Trump national security adviser; For example, the lies he told the FBI, and everything contained in his previous petition agreement, and the investigation of Special Adviser Robert Mueller.

President Andrew Johnson apologized to anyone associated with the Confederacy during the Civil War. President Jimmy Carter granted an unconditional pardon to men who avoided the draft during the Vietnam War. After all, President Gerald Ford Richard Nixon gave “Complete, free and complete apology” for the conduct of the Watergate scandal that led to the House indictment.

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So the notion that forgiveness can be “premature” is beyond controversy.

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