California is the second largest U.S. state after Texas, topping one million Covid-19 cases.

More than 5,000 new cases and 18 new deaths have been reported so far on Thursday, bringing the total to 1,000,631 cases and 18,126 deaths nationwide, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

And like other states in the country, health officials say California’s Govt-19 numbers are going in the wrong direction.

At a Nov. 9 news conference, the government announced that Gavin Newsom had registered more than 7,200 new cases a day, with an average of 5,889 infections in 7 days.

“That number was known four to six weeks ago, but since the beginning of October that number has been able to get below 3,000, sometimes not averaging more than 5,800 for 7 days,” Newsom said.

One day later, California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark announced that the 7-day average for the state of Galle was up to 6,078.

Those high numbers come as a new forecast from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Policy Lab projects, with major cities in California “having significant event growth in mid-December.”

ICU admission

The hospitalization in the state has also begun to creep upwards, Galle said.

The number of patients admitted to the hospital with Govt-19 has increased by 31.6% in the 14-day period, Galle said on Tuesday.

“The large number of cases we have seen in the next few days will not be revealed or will not turn into patients in hospitals for another two or three weeks,” Galle said.

The number of ICU hospitalizations has also increased, climbing nearly 30% in two weeks, Galle said.

Texas becomes first US state to have more than 1 million Govt-19 infections

“We also know that when we see that hospital number crawling because the case number has increased, we will see an increase in the ICU hospital.”

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The governor said in his press conference that admission to Govt-19 Hospital on Monday was 4% of the state’s total health care system capacity and that ICU enrollment was 11% of the total ICU beds.

Newsom reports that more than 20,000 ventilators remain in the state.

“Obviously, this is very sober, these numbers, but again, the total capacity we have created, the testing capacity, is significantly higher than it was a few weeks ago, let alone a few months ago, and there is a lot of inventory … PPE, which is significant,” the governor added. Said.

‘We must keep a close watch’

This week, officials announced that three more districts were moving to the state’s most restricted strata – indicating widespread Govt-19 risk – in Sacramento, San Diego and Stanislas districts.

The stratification system is a structure set up in California that allows health officials to determine which districts should tighten or relax restrictions based on certain criteria, including test positivity, adjusted case rate, and health equity metric.

The other eight districts moved behind a plot, indicating significant or moderate risk in their area.

Closed stores, overcrowded hospitals and mobile morgs: El Paso residents hit hard by corona virus

With the state’s climbing numbers, no districts have advanced to lower control levels this week.

“Many districts are actually experiencing the highest level of lawsuits, not the highest ever seen, but of course compared to the decline we have been experiencing over the past two months … we certainly see an upward trajectory across the state,” Galle said. “It makes us anxious.”

He said it was the first week that districts began to move to lower control levels where no district had progressed.

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“If things are as we expect them to be, more than half of the California districts will have moved to a more restricted level by this week,” he said.

“This is definitely a sign that we are worried, and we need to pay close attention to what is happening.”

CNN’s Haley Brink and Duckin Anton contributed to the report.

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