Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4: The Things You Should Know About It!

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4

Season 4 of Bungou Stray Dogs is now available in the United States. It’s become one of Japan’s and the world’s most famous anime series. The story is written by Kafka Asagiri, while the artwork is done by Sango Harukawa.

The anime was serialized in Young Magazine in 2012. The manga began as a dream for the writer, in which he wanted to merge together a group of deceased artists and reimagine their characters as young adults and teenagers with supernatural talents.

The show’s first season aired in June 2016, and the producers rewarded fans by airing the second season in October of that year. After the conclusion of the third season, fans are eagerly anticipating the next year. However, it has not yet been announced. However, subsequent episodes have all but confirmed the series’ fourth chapter.

When Does the Fourth Season of Bungou Stray Dogs Premiere?

Nothing has been said about the series’ future season. The fourth season is expected to premiere in 2022, according to rumors. We might hear some fantastic news by the end of 2021. The first three seasons of Bungou Stray Dogs are currently available to stream on Crunchyroll and Funimation. On the same platforms, we plan to binge-watch season four as soon as possible.

Plot Expectations

As a manga or an anime series, the Bungou Stray Dogs’ popularity has only grown since its debut, and a new season is unquestionably on the way. There is no comprehensive information on the topic. But what will Season 4 cover? Season 3 of the anime concluded with Chapter 53 of Volume 13 in the original manga series.

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4

Although the original material is still being created, it appears to be nearing completion. Many people feel that this will be the final season of the series. Season 3 introduced a slew of new characters, including Fyodor Dostoevsky and others.

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Another cause for the delay might be that the creators are waiting for the manga series to conclude specific stories. Given that each season has 12 episodes, we may anticipate high-octane action, comedy, and maybe love in the upcoming seasons as well as the war Atsushi promised. However, there is a tremendous amount of discrimination and prejudice.

Season 4 of Bungou Stray Dogs Is Coming Soon With New Characters!

Now is the time to discuss the cast of this series, which is made up of such wonderful characters.

  • Atsushi Nakajima

Atushi is the main protagonist of the series, named after the famous twentieth-century author with the same name. Atsushi was a street kid who had been kicked out of his orphanage for the past 18 years before joining the supernatural Armed Detective Agency. Under the light of the moon, Atsushi finds out he might change into a were-tiger with tremendous power and healing abilities. those he cares about.

  • Osamu Dazai

Osamu is a member of the Armed Detective Agency, and he’s another well-known Japanese fictional author. Osamu is a suicidal madman who appears to wish to die in a variety of ways. Atsushi is a friend who runs a very successful restaurant. He only knows Atsushi by his voice, not by sight.

When he first encounters him, that’s how it goes down. Oda’s goal is to establish an internet casino that features games based on the series, with any money made available for charity. After Atsushi goes missing, his uncle, Toshiaki Ishida, invites Norihiko to join the agency.

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Norihiko mentors him and helps him gain entrance as a prominent member of the organization by assisting him in his search for the legendary weretiger. Osamu is a calculating, bright, and clever individual. He’s also quite strong, able to cancel out any supernatural power just by patting someone on the shoulder.

  • Doppo Kunikida

Dazai’s assistant. Doppo can bring anything into existence simply by recording it down in his notepad. It’s a play on the Japanese name Doppo, which means “thirty.” It was inspired by a nineteenth-century Japanese novelist named Doppo. Other characters may appear in the next season.

The Detective Agency, founded in 1874 by Katsu Kaishu and Junichi Haruma, was known for employing female investigators. The most well-known members of the agency were Ranpo Edogawa (the founder), Kenji Miyazawa (editor in chief), Yukichi Fukuzawa (chairman), and Katai Tay The most famous of them is Ryunosuke Akutagawa, who was a major literary figure in Japan’s early 20th century.

Chuuya Nakahara, Ryuurou Hirotsu, Ougai Mori, and other members of the Port Mafia are also well-known.

Other Decisive Factors

Because of what we’ve already said, Atsushi may be embroiled in a deadly conflict within six months, and the episode might end on a cliffhanger. The previous season included a number of stories, flashbacks, and new characters.

In addition, the manga series has either been completed or is on its way to a conclusion. So, whether the creators start scripting right away or continue to adhere to the source material, they can add to it. A new season will finally bring the cosmos to a close.


Although there aren’t many controversies surrounding the series, not everything leads to perfection. The preceding season of the program generated a lot of dislike among fans. Season 3 of the fantasy drama was divisive among fans, who criticized it for being too fast and complained that there were no substantial story arcs. It didn’t seem to flow well, and the little arcs didn’t seem to connect.

There were several negative reviews, mostly from male fans, who felt that Studio Bones shouldn’t make any sequels because they can’t seem to keep the story moving and interesting enough to please the audience. In one scene, Dazai shouts “stray dog,” implying Oda’s death.

Even some critics believed that the conclusion fight scene was forgettable since certain characters were not well-developed. Nonetheless, the majority of people felt that Fyodor’s character carried the season more than anybody else’s. Despite this, the desire for a new season has not yet disappeared.

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Fill your hearts with delight because Season 4 of Bungou Stray Dogs will bring your favorite characters back to life on the big screen. The show’s unexpected return is enough to justify the dramatic return because a significant part of the narrative remains unresolved. Keep your eyes peeled for any news from the creators about when the trailer will be released.


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