After Sam Asghari’s wedding, Britney Spears flaunts her new short hairstyle.


Britney Spears is adjusting well to the significant modifications that have been made.

After getting married to Sam Asghari on June 9, the pop sensation and her new hubby moved into a new home; now, she is undergoing a change in her hairstyle.

Recent Marriage to Asghari

I got all of my hair cut short, and my hubby just finished preparing a steak for me… “life is good,” Spears wrote on Instagram on Wednesday while posting a photo of herself in her new pool wearing a bikini with blue, pink, and yellow straps.

The “Stronger” singer, who is 40 years old, also provided updates on her personal life following her recent marriage to Asghari, who is 28 years old. She wrote, “Haven’t been on my honeymoon yet… coincidentally got hitched and bought a new home at the same time… not the most prudent course of action.”

Spears continued by saying that it is “extremely strange” to wake up in a world where “everything is new,” but she reassured her fans that “Change is so great.”

Account Briefly Deleted after her Wedding

The celebrity, who had her account briefly deleted after her wedding, has now made her return to Instagram with the publication of this post.

The characteristic blonde locks that belong to Spears used to extend well over her shoulders, but it appears that she has cut off many inches of hair since getting married.

Dimitris Giannetos, Britney Spears’ longtime hairstylist, told Page Six Style the previous year that the singer enjoys experimenting with both the colour of her hair and the length of her hair. It’s a huge honour for me that she trusts me with all of her different hairstyles.

Duplicate Wedding Bands

The actress from “Crossroads” chose to wear her hair long and with bangs for her wedding, and she had Charlotte Tilbury’s niece apply her makeup for the special occasion. She walked down the aisle in a custom-made gown designed by Versace, and she also wore three other costumes designed by the designer throughout the reception.

They are never short on choices, so the newlyweds each had duplicate wedding bands fashioned by jeweller Stephanie Gottlieb for the occasion so that they are free to alter their looks at any moment. This was a special occasion for them.

It is plain to see that Spears is already moving into a new era of her life, and she is matching her new look with a new sense of style.

Haven’t been on my Honeymoon Yet

On Wednesday, June 22, the singer, who is 40 years old, displayed her new hairdo with the use of a slideshow of photographs that she uploaded to Instagram. Spears displayed shoulder-length tresses while posing in a triangle bikini that was blue and yellow in colour. She mentioned in the caption of the post that she and Asghari, who is 28, have moved into a new home together, which served as confirmation of the lob.

“Haven’t been on my honeymoon yet … “getting married and moved into a new house around the same time… not the best thing to do,” the singer-songwriter commented accompanying the post that featured a picture of her standing in her swimming pool. In addition, the carousel displayed a video clip of her spouse scuba diving into the crystal clear sea.

“It’s so strange that every time I wake up, everything is different… new bed… the new kitchen… new bed… new pool… I believe I’m in a state of shock!!! In the process of determining a few things… I absolutely prefer being outside but I also appreciate being indoors.”


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