Will Brie Larson Out From The Movie Avengers: Endgame?


I’m not sure why she was cast in the first place. She’s just awful and her character is annoying. The movie would be so much better without her! Watch this fan edit of Avengers Endgame with Brie Larson removed from it!

Brie Larson Was Not In The Film Anymore Due To A ‘Avengers- Endgame’ Special Edition Fan Edit.

Endgame,’ Brie Larson’s role has been completely excised from the film.


Last week, a number of dissatisfied fans submitted a petition to Marvel Studios urging them to replace Brie Larson with a gay woman of color. The campaign has over 23,000 supporters and is just a few hundred short of its objective. Endgame makes this campaign seem a little silly.

According to a website devoted to Australian pop culture, an unknown user has uploaded their own cut of the film to torrent websites. Scenes with women were removed from the film, such as those between Brie Larson and several other actresses.

Recent Edits Made in the story:

Hawkeye training his daughter. There will be no LGBT+ leader conference and no talk on LGBT+ issues. The number of times the main character thinks/talk/fills in the first act has been reduced considerably. Anything that has nothing to do with the narrative is science-related.

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Thor doesn’t see his mother, and neither does Anthony. The Black Panther isn’t the first Avenger to be resurrected. The final battle of the females has been significantly reduced.

By looking at the list, it appears that most of the editing was done out of spite for Endgame’s three-hour runtime and several time travel sequences. Some fan was so enraged by the prospect of people other than straight.


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The fan support also dissolved the support club, where Joe Russo stated that he had gone on a date with a guy. The crowd was enraged. But despite the fact that Russo stood his ground and fought for the scene, the fans were unmoved. The fan edit of Wonder Woman has been uploaded to a number of torrent sites. ‘Most quips’ and ‘more constant serious tone’ has been removed because “superheroes should not be funny.”


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