Body Count: New Album Merciless Is Announced! More Updates

body count band

Looking for Ice-T new albums and songs? Want to know why there is a controversy on a song Cop Killer and why it is removed from the list Sire Records.

There are many things you want to know about the heavy metal band that is known as the body count which includes Ice-T as the vocalist and Ernie C as the music writer. The group was formed in Los Angeles in 1990 and the group is lead by vocalist or the rapper Ice-T.

On March 10, 1992 they released their debut album on Sire Records and in this self titled album they anchor on political and social issues including police shooting.

Due to focuses on these things Cop killer song gained the attention as it comes or surrounded by a controversy, so it was decided by the group and the parent company to defend the song but vocalist Ice-T decided to remove the song from the Sire Records as it was affecting their music also and in the next year the left the Sire and after that they have released six albums.

If you want to search more about the group then you can also visit their website to find its other details and at that time 3 members of the group died at that time due to different causes.

In 2017 Black Hoodie song was nominated for the Best Metal Performance but won this award later on in 2021 for their song “Bum-Rush Song” at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards from Carnivore album.

Who Are the Current Members of Body Count Band and the Previous Members?

Here is the list of Currently lineup members which includes Ice-T as the Lead vocalist and rapper from the 1990 till now, guitarist Ernie C who is with Ice-T from 1990 upto this time, Sean E Sean as the sampler but he takes a long gap between 2001 to 2007 and again back and currently with Body Count.

There are many others which joins the team later and these are Vincent Price who is bassist from 2001 and the drummer Ill Will from 2008 upto present time, American Guitarist Juan of the Dead and the main leader son Little Ice who also joins the band from 2016 and continuing at this time.


body count band

Previous members who left the band but gave their contribution to this rock band are Sean E Mac, Jonathan James, O.T. and few others out of which these two have died and they were Beatmaster V and Mooseman who were drummer and bassist respectively.

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What is the Body Count Genre?

It is a rock band which includes crossover thrash, rap metal, hardcore punk and other thrash and alternative metals.

Is Ice-T Still with Body Count?

Yes, he is currently working with Body Count band which is formed in Los Angeles in California and he is the leader of the group as a lead vocalist.

What Is the Name of the Wife of Ice-T?

Ice-T is known as the lead vocalist, wife’s name is Coco Austin.

Body Count- Singles and Albums: About

body count band

In 1992, three singles were released under the Album Body Count with a label Sire and in the format of CD, CS, LP and this album also received Certifications of RIAA: Gold and BVMI: Gold. Body Count 3 singles are “There Goes the Neighborhood”, “The Winner Loses” and the “Cop Killer” and you can say that highest peak or release in the US followed by GER for the Body count album.

Next year in 1993, “Hey Joe” song is released from the Stone Free: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix and the following year they released 3 songs named as “Born Dead”, “ Necessary Evil” and Medley from Born Dead album which came in 1994 with a label Virgin and also came in the same format as the Body count. In this album, highest peak is also in the US.

Then after a gap of 3 year, they released Violent Demise: The Last Days of the previous label virgin and this album includes two songs and they are “Truth or Death” and “I Used to love her”.

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After these albums they take the rest and then came up with their new album in 2006 with the label Escapi and the Album is Murder 4 Hire only for CD format.

After Murder 4 Hire they released Manslaughter in 2014 which have one single ie. “Back to Rehab” and then Bloodlust album in 2017.

body count band

Previously in 2019 and 2020 two singles were released – “Carnivore” and “Bum-Rush” under the album Carnivore and the Bum-rush song won the award in 2021.

This year, Body Count announced on June 22 that working is begin on the eighth album ie. Merciless and all this information is announced on Body Count Facebook page.

Here is another post where you can see working on a new album Merciless is shown.

Last Lines

Body Count is a band who released more than 6 albums from 1992 and currently they announced that working on the eighth album Merciless is started. So keep in touch with to read more about different and latest topics and if you also want to know more about Body Count Songs then you can follow them on social media and also follow their website which is written above in the starting paragraph.


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