Netflix’s Bodkin will star Will Forte


Following the exclusive reporting from May 2022, Netflix has now opened up regarding the confirmation of the new series Bodkin. Bodkin is a new series that belongs to Higher Ground productions and was announced by Netflix. in light of the recent revelations regarding the series. The most recent notification also included the names of the actors and actresses involved.

Thriller with a twisted sense of Humor


According to what was stated, we have reported on the series that will just air on the 25th of May from where you can just get a broad outline one of who is associated with this project and what will be in the next.

Before we get too further into this, it’s important to point out that the title of the show may end up changing, and Bodkin is merely a working term at this point.

The plot of the series is a darkly comic thriller about a decentralized team of podcasters who perform an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of three strangers in a lovely coastal hamlet in Ireland. Once they begin to piece together the puzzle, they quickly learn that it is much more complex and bizarre than anything they could have ever imagined.

In the same way that our protagonists are attempting to separate fact from fiction regarding the case, regarding their coworkers, and, most painfully of all, regarding themselves, the series challenges our perception of the truth, and this exposes the kinds of stories that we tell ourselves in order to justify our beliefs or validate our fears.

Borkin: The Cast of the Bodkin

Jez Scharf is the primary writer for the series, and in addition to working alongside Alex Metcalf, has also taken on the role of showrunner.

Metcalf has been involved in a number of high-profile projects, including the role of executive producer on HBO’s Sharp Objects and The Loudest Voice, two of the projects he is now working on. In addition to that, he was a co-producer on Kingdom, which is now available on Netflix.

The podcaster Jez Scharf (Mister Biscuits, The UnDream) is the brains behind the show’s premise, which follows a group of podcasters as they investigate the disappearance of a person and wind up uncovering more information than they had anticipated. In addition, Siobhán Cullen, Robyn Cara, David Wilmot, and Chris Walley are featured in this production.

Higher Ground’s collaboration with Netflix

Tonia Davis, who is a part of Higher Ground Productions and acts as executive producer, was involved with the conclusion of Higher Ground’s collaboration with Netflix, which includes the films We the People, Waffles + Mochi, and the film Rustin, which has not yet been released. There is also work being done by Higher round Productions on the project. They have just acquired a package of their most recent work, which will serve as the basis for their first major drama show on Netflix.

Will Forte will play the role of Gilbert Power, while Siobhan Cullen will play Siobhan Cullen in this series. Robyn Cara portrayed the role of Emmy, David Wilmot played Seamus Gallagher, and Chris Walley played Sean O’Shea.

The Production Status of Bodkin

According to the several production listings, the project is still scheduled to begin on June 27th, and it will film in both Dublin and West Cork in Ireland. Additionally, the film will be shot in both of those locations.

West Cork is a distant portion of Ireland that is frequently described as one of the last bastions of “old friend.” For those who aren’t familiar with this area, West Cork is located in the south of Ireland.

An open casting call was reportedly being held for the production on June 14th, according to The Southern Star in Ireland, which also reported on the event. They also reveal that parts of the filming for the seven-part drama contemporary would take place in Union Hall as well as Glandore.

The new productions are scheduled to be completed at some point between September and November 2022, which means that they will not continue for the remainder of the summer.


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