When Blue Exorcist first aired, it quickly became a fan favorite. The action anime plot focuses on Kazue Kato’s manga and follows teenaged Rin Okumura, who was raised with his twin brother Yukio by their adoptive exorcist father. It becomes the brothers are actually Satan’s true offspring. Rin, armed with his demon-slaying sword, must face demon forces focused on reviving his wicked father.

In 2011, the first anime series aired. Following that, the series produced a film and then a second season dubbed the “Kyoto Saga.” The anime series’ first and second seasons are presently available on Netflix. With Blue Exorcist becoming a cult classic, fans have been wondering if Rin would have more demon-slaying exploits in a hypothetical season 3. Although there has been no official announcement about a new season, Rin still has some unfinished business with his father, Satan, and his henchmen.

How Blue Exorcist Season 1 and 2 ended?

A shark’s weight in strangeness landed in season 2 of the show, especially as it approached its conclusion. Seasons 1 and 2 looked to deviate from one another from the start. If the two were intended to marry, the narrative twist resulted in a divorce.

The second season of Blue Exorcist started with a ‘changing of the guard.’ Around the midway, viewers were treated to a flashback sequence in which Rin displayed his flames.


This, more than anything else, established the tone for season two while also clearing up a lot of uncertainty. This disparity in stories cannot be put solely on the showrunners. Around the time season one was in full swing, the original manga had just about 9 episodes published. This meant that for roughly ten episodes, the program stayed faithful to the original manga.

Everything following Season 1 Episode 11 of Blue Exorcist was fluff, as predicted. The season one finale was therefore a mix of made-up storylines that provided adventure and cheer in equal measure to the viewers while also settling long-standing conflicts among the characters. Fans were irritated by this. Season 2 of Blue Exorcist picked up where season 1 episode 17 left off!


Keep in mind that the first season had 25 episodes while the second only had 12. Season two, which was already reduced, continued the tale from the long and carefully planned 20-plus episode first season.

Fans who are familiar with all of this are probably pulling their hair out in irritation. There will be spoilers ahead… In season 2, Yukio managed to stay human rather than a demon due to this tumultuous situation. It’s also why Yukio and Rin aren’t as close as they were at the end of the first season. Rin’s friends are still strange to him in the second season after learning that he’s the son of Satan, which adds salt to the wound.

Season 2 seems hell-bent on rewinding, and not in a good way.


You meddle with character development, and you screw with the audience. And that’s exactly what occurred with the season 2 narrative disaster, as well as the now-completely superfluous plot-buildup that gave fans so much to look forward to when season 1 of Blue Exorcist concluded. Despite this, the second season has several solid factors working in its favor. If you can get over season 1’s whole’ story development’ aspect, you’ll see that the focus has shifted back to Satan and the coming conflict. Anyone who has read the original Blue Exorcist manga will have a more tolerant attitude toward season 2.

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What Is the Plot of Blue Exorcist?

Rin Okumura’s stories put an intriguing spin on the paranormal high school type, as the sword-swinging exorcist wrestles with his identification as Satan’s son. Rin and his two siblings Yukio, raised by their adopted exorcist father, struggle against the evil powers of the demon world in order to destroy Satan.

It’s no surprise that Blue Exorcist fans are clamoring for Season 3 – the tale is brimming with intriguing mythology, unusual magic, and endearing characters. While many viewers went away following Season 1’s train wreck ending, Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga restored the anime’s grandeur by restoring it to its manga roots. Season 2 completely ignored a few of Season 1 episodes that wasted character arcs and haphazardly ruined the plot in its hurried wrap-up attempt.


While fans are happy for Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga, it only received 12 episodes, compared to Season 1’s 25. (Though only 17 are technically canon, with many others being filler). The truncated Season 2 was disappointing, especially because it confused many viewers who were still caught up on Season 1 while also leaving the characters with no resolution. Though the anime has yet to be extended beyond Season 2, the manga has kept the flame alive. After the events of the Kyoto arc, more than 15 volumes of content were produced, so there’s still enough of Rin’s tale to be translated.

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Release Date: Will There Be a Third Season of Blue Exorcist?

There has been no formal announcement regarding Season 3 of Blue Exorcist.

According to past trends with previous anime program, an announcement for the third season may come as early as late 2021, with fans receiving information as late as 2022.


We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Keep an eye on ‘A-1 Pictures,’ particularly their official social media channels. The delay might also be related to the covid-19 epidemic, the implementation of lockdown laws, and how it has affected different sectors of the entertainment business in general.

It is also unknown whether or not the series will be moved to a new production facility.

Is There Enough Source Material Available for Season 3?

Under the Blue Exorcist label, the manga has been running for a decade and has produced 27 beloved volumes.

In more respects than past adaptations, the anime has stayed true to the original.

Season 2’s 12-episode run required roughly 9 manga volumes to complete its story.

Given that there are 27 manga volumes in all, the authors and writers will have enough of material to adapt for season 3.

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