Blood Brothers Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali: Is It Available on Netflix?

blood brothers

Documentaries provide essential information to the public that can motivate them to do something good. Here we are going to discuss the famous documentary of Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali.

The documentary is an adaptation of the book of the approximately same name.

Many famous moments in the lives of Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X have been covered in the movie. Here is some information about it.

Marcus A. Clark is the writer of the documentary or biography.

Randy Roberts and Johnny Smith are the writers of the movie.

What Is the Plotline of the Movie Blood Brothers: Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali?

Talking about the lives of Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, they were two different men who belonged to different places. The primary thing they understood was the threat to black Americans. The threat was the attack on their mind by the racist culture. They have set the example of what a free mind looks like.

The documentary covers the meeting of both men. It is based on the book named Blood Brothers: The Fatal Friendship Between Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X.

Name Blood Brothers Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali
Release Date 9 September 2021
Lead Role Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X
Genre Documentary Film
Director Marcus A. Clarke
Country of origin United States

Robert and Smith are playing the roles of the interviewers who guide us through the complicated timelines. Their impact on society is displayed clearly in the documentary. The story of Malcolm X and Cassius Clay is displayed to show their meeting on a larger scale.

Some commentators are also involved in it. Interviews of people who knew Malcolm and Ali closely from childhood to adulthood are also mentioned here. This method will help to know their thoughts and lifestyle more closely.

Incidents like the Interest of Malcolm in Ali’s self-serving and choice of Ali for Elijah Muhammad over Malcolm X were also displayed here. The role of the FBI in all these incidents is also highlighted. The rest of the detailed information about the documentary can be seen in the movie.

The Release Date: When Was the Movie Blood Brothers: Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali Came Into Existence for the Audience?

The movie got released on Netflix on 9th September 2021.

What Are the Names of the People Involved in the Cast of the Movie Blood Brothers: Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali?

  • The daughter of Malcolm X is Ilyasah Shabazz. She is an actress born in the USA on 22nd July 1962.
  • Rahman Ali is the younger brother of Muhammad Ali, who has lived in the shadow of his elder brother. They had a close relationship. He excelled in boxing as his brother.
  • Cornel West is a political activist and a professor at Harvard University. He is a producer and actor as well. He was born on 2nd June 1953 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • Todd Boyd is a professor of Cinema and Media Studies at USC.
  • May May is the eldest daughter of Muhammad Ali, famous for her roles in The Parkers and Little CEO 3.
  • Al Sharpton is a Civil Rights Activist and a politician. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, on 3rd October 1954.
  • The leader of the Nation of Islam was Elijah Muhammad. He led Islam from 1934 to 1975. He was born on 7th October 1897 in Sandersville, Georgia.
  • Herb Boyd is a professor and co-editor of The Diary of Malcolm X. He is a writer and producer famous for Trek to the Holy Land and Slap the Donkey.
  • Bob Coleman is the childhood friend of Muhammad Ali.
  • The father of Malcolm X is Earl Little.
  • The son of Marcus Garvey is Julius W. Garvey.
  • Gene Kilroy is a friend of Muhammad Ali and a business manager. He is famous for his work in The Greatest and Toy Masters.
  • The wife of Malcolm X is Betty Shabazz.
  • The eldest daughter of Malcolm X is Attallah Shabazz.

What Are the Ratings of the Documentary Blood Brothers: Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali?

The show received positive responses from the audience.

It has a score of 93% on the Tomatometer, based on 15 reviews. The audience score is 100%, based on less than 50 ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

It has a rating of 6.7 out of 10 on IMDb.

Where Can We Watch the Documentary Blood Brothers: Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali?

Right now, the movie is only available to watch on Netflix. We will let you know when it will be available on different platforms.


You can find the documentary only on Netflix right now. However, it will be available on various platforms also in the future probably.

Until then, keep watching the changes made by them in society.