Bling Empire Season 3: What Time Does Season 3 of Bling Empire Premiere?

bling empire season 3

The Bling Empire has returned for Season 3 of Bling Empire! The first season premiered in January 2021, and it has been nearly a year since then.

Since the cast returned to Netflix on May 13 with a second season (today, beauties! However, Bling Empire contains a wide variety of drama. It can range from the absurd to very suspenseful (such as the hunt for a person’s estranged father). In addition, as anyone who watched the first season of the show can confirm, the show’s second season is much better.

Despite the fact that there are numerous degrees of drama in the episode. It is still very entertaining to watch because it consists of a group of wealthy people partying and arguing. For those who completed Season 2 in less than twelve hours.

You may also be wondering whether Bling Empire will return for a third season. Numerous more comparable reality programs have aired season after season without ever completing (looking at you, Selling Sunset). Here is everything we currently know about the potential third season of Bling Empire.

How Likely Is the Return of Bling Empire for a Third Season?

Two months after Bling Empire’s premiere. The second season of the show was confirmed officially in March 2021. There is presently no indication as to whether Bling Empire will return following its first one-season renewal on Netflix.

bling empire season 3

Given that season 2 is anticipated to be successful. Similar to the previous year, an announcement concerning a third season could be made shortly after the season 2 premiere.

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What Time Does Season 3 of Bling Empire premiere?

Assuming Bling Empire receives a second season order. According to the show’s current schedule, the show could return in early 2023.

However, nothing is known at this time, and Netflix has previously shocked fans with its debut dates. After the 2020 premiere of Selling Sunset’s second season. The third season of the show was announced and debuted only three months later.

Is it conceivable for the third season of Bling Empire to premiere in August? Perhaps in May this year? Is there a chance it will never be released? IDK! Currently, everything is possible.

Is There Anything to Anticipate in Season 3 of Bling Empire?

Several individuals involved in the production of the show have expressed interest in a third season. Christine Chiu, one of the cast members, discussed her hopes for the group’s future with PopSugar.

She stated that all types of artists and creators, including business owners, storytellers, and musicians, are invited to participate. “Bling Empire is ultimately not about the bling. not even close Even if the glitz is attractive. It is the stories and exploits that keep you engaged and inspire others. And make it desirable for the other performers and myself to participate in this project.”

If given the chance, executive producer Jeff Jenkins told Oprah Daily, the program may run for years. Jeff characterized the cast as “sexy, hilarious, dramatic, and dishonest.” As long as the audience remains interested, we would like to continue this journey with them. Reality TV escapism is not going away anytime soon, so keep up the excellent job.

The Bling Empire Has Filed a Suit

If the current political atmosphere continues, it is possible that additional seasons of the show will not be produced. According to, one of the performers, Kelly Mi Li, has accused executive producer Jeff Jenkins of stealing her idea for Bling Empire.

A complaint filed by Li alleges that she approached Jenkins in 2018 with the idea of a reality show about wealthy Asian-Americans living the high life in Los Angeles. Jenkins provided no response to the story.

bling empire season 3

Moreover, according to People, Li claims that she and Jenkins worked closely for months on the construction of the Bling Empire. This contributed further to the successful sale of the program. They appropriated and exploited Li’s idea. According to Li, Jenkins’s production company has been accused. Li. However, desires to be credited as an executive producer. For Bling Empire and for his efforts to be rewarded.

Although reality shows like Bling Empire take pleasure in their drama, the type of conflict that may produce a rift between the cast, crew, and production is not what the streaming service desires.

So long as everyone’s needs are satisfied. All sides will be satisfied if Netflix focuses on on-screen drama as opposed to internal disputes. There is currently no information on whether or not the lawsuit will impact Season 3 prospects for Bling Empire.

Season 3 Cast of Bling Empire

The second season introduced several new characters, including the philanthropist Mimi Morris and the socialite Dorothy Wang, the daughter of the billionaire Roger Wang. If the addition of the new actors is welcomed positively.

Netflix would be prudent to keep a large cast’s popularity. Therefore, it is probable that Season 3 of Bling Empire will have new characters. There are still many unanswered questions, but Netflix customers may enjoy another eight episodes with the existing cast of Bling Empire.


The lack of a trailer for Bling Empire Season 3 is acceptable given the recent release of the second season. Although we will keep this website up-to-date as we discover more and if you are interested in additional information. Continue coming back