Blacklist Season 9: Will Season 9 Be The Last Season Of Blacklist?

blacklist season 9

Fans of The Blacklist are fascinated with the show – for better or worse — as seen by the conversations around the Season 8 conclusion. Blacklist Season 9 has just begun on NBC, and fans have been eagerly anticipating its return.

blacklist season 9

The television series got renewed for a ninth season in January 2021, with a two-year time jump predicted. has all the details on whether the next season’s events will signal the end of the show.

The popular NBC crime drama was renewed for a ninth season earlier this year, but with the departure of a key character (as well as the show’s creator), the future content appears to be a free-for-all. Is Season 9 the final season of the show, or will it be the last?

Season 9 of The Blacklist Release Date

Unfortunately, as of March 2022, there is still no definitive release date for The Blacklist season nine, though we will do our best to keep you informed.

If it’s any consolation, it’s possible that this is due to a scheduling change in the United States, which will annoy fans on the other side of the Atlantic.

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It premiered on October 21 and was changed in the TV lineup by its home network, NBC, after only five episodes.

After a two-week vacation, the show returned on December 9 for only a week before going on holiday break, returning on January 6 to play through to episode nine before being paused again for a brief while. On February 25, it was finally reintroduced.

The Cast of Season 9 of The Blacklist

Donald Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff), Harold Cooper (Harry Lennix), Dembe Zuma (Hisham Tawfiq), Alina Park (Laura Sohn), and Aram Mojtabai are the other key characters (Amir Arison).

However, there will be none left. After Red killed her off, Katarina Rostova (Laila Robins) appeared.

blacklist season 9

“Not only did Liz beg Red not to kill her mother,” author Jon Bokenkamp told The Wrap. “Liz was unmistakable. Red stepped right over the line she drew in the sand.

Megan Boone has quit the series, which is big news. During a fight with Red in the season-eight finale, her character, Liz, was shot by one of Neville Townsend’s henchmen. Megan announced that the scene will be her final one on Instagram, saying goodbye to her admirers.

She added, “This experience has been a whole life inside of my own life for me.” “As she set out to achieve, these eight years playing Liz Keen have helped me better define the world and myself.

The Plot of Season 9 of The Blacklist

With Liz’s death, there were likely to be significant changes, given that she had some significant interactions within the show’s dynamics, both with Red and with Ressler.

blacklist season 9

Season nine picks up two years later, following the lives of the FBI Task Force as they attempt to move on from the loss of one of their own.

The squad has disbanded at the start of the season, with Red disappearing in the aftermath of Liz’s death. Though it doesn’t take long for them to reunite, especially since Red has subsequently learned who may have been responsible for Liz’s attack.

Old grudges and tensions linger, and Red is adamant about putting the blame where it belongs for what he believes was an unnecessary tragedy.

After he was injured and his colleague was slain, Dembe, who is now an FBI agent, proved to be the catalyst. They return to their search for Red after enlisting the assistance of the task group.

But, even with Redback, their relationships are clearly more fractious than ever, and two years without Liz has been a huge blow to all of them.

In a special episode focusing on Ressler’s reaction to the loss of Liz, episode seven depicts his life after Liz’s death. He went after Red with fury after discovering her body, and ended up in a drunken automobile crash, back on prescription medicine, and surrendered his pistol and badge as he spiraled.

He finds refuge in a hotel manager and her son, and two years later, he appears to be more prepared to face the world without Liz.

Trailer for Season 9 of The Blacklist

Check out the latest teaser above, and stay tuned for further updates on what’s next for The Blacklist.

Will Season 9 of The Blacklist Be The Final Season?

Season nine of The Blacklist has just begun on NBC, and fans have been eagerly anticipating its return. The television series got renewed for a ninth season in January 2021, with a two-year time jump predicted.

The Blacklist is back, and it’s bringing more than just new season 9 episodes with it. On February 22, actor James Spader confirmed that The Blacklist had been renewed for a 10th season.


Season nine of The Blacklist is currently well past halfway through and shows no signs of stopping down, despite the fact that season ten has already been approved.

While a number of shows have been axed off the airwaves, whether we like it or not, the James Spader-led crime drama continues to air. Depending on where you live, The Blacklist Season 9 will be available on Netflix at a different time.

So let’s look at each of the three groups separately. People who get weekly episodes, people who get the complete season at once, and people who don’t get the season at all.

According to broadcast statistics, the show is currently a third of what it used to be. Season 8 had 5.47 million viewers on average, compared to 14.95 million for season 1. Based on previous renewals, if the show is renewed for a tenth season, we should hear about it in early 2022.


How many episodes in The Blacklist season 9?

On January 26, 2021, the ninth season of the American crime thriller television series The Blacklist was ordered. The season premiered on NBC on October 21, 2021. There will be 22 episodes in the season.

Is the blacklist on Netflix?

With a few significant exceptions, The Blacklist is available on Netflix. The most notable exception is Netflix which does not have any access to the show because the broadcast and streaming rights were sold to Sky. For the time being, that’s all we have.

Is Jon Bokenkamp leaving the blacklist?

Jon Bokenkamp, creator of NBC’s ‘The Blacklist,’ has left the show after eight seasons. On the 25th of June 2021, I was able to get a hold of the information I needed Nellie Andreeva Andreeva Andreeva Andreeva Andreeva Andreeva Andreeva And (June 15, 2021). Megan Boone, star of NBC’s ‘The Blacklist,’ is leaving after eight seasons on the show.


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