Season three of Big Little Lies has yet to be formally confirmed, despite the fact that the second season ended in July 2019. Following its return to television, the final chapter of the series faced a few obstacles.

There were also rumors that Andrea Arnold, who succeeded Jean-Marc Valle as director, was involved. He also lost creative control of the series due to his hectic work schedule. But enough with the drama; let’s talk about season three, and more importantly, is it going to happen?

When Big Little Lies season 3 going to release?

Season one premiered in February 2017, while the second instalment was not released until June 2019. Despite the Bloys’ high praise for Arnold, critics and spectators agreed that season two was not as good as the first.

However, with about 1.98 million viewers during its first days of airing, the series quickly rose to the top of the list of high-series ratings. Across HBO’s other platforms, the number progressively increased to 3.1 million viewers. There are other more aspects that influence the show’s future, including its ratings. So yet, we don’t have any information about the release date, but we’re confident that we will find out shortly.

What is the plot of Big Little Lies season 3?

The series’ narrative has long outstripped the source material that has played out on our screens. As a result, other than our educated guesswork, there’s nothing fresh to inform. The Monterey Five all went to the local police station at the end of Season 2, where we suppose Bonnie will confess to pushing Perry down the stairs. After witnessing him assault the Celeste.

We also expect the team to back up her claim and attest to Perry’s violent behaviour while attempting to stop him from hitting his wife. Let’s see if we’ll be able to watch their confession on tape or not. And whether or not there will be a time jump in another scenario remains to be seen, etc.

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Who is in the cast of Big Little Lies season 3?

In the next season of Big Little Lies, we can anticipate to see the following characters:

Celeste (Nicole Kidman), Bonnie (Zo Kravitz), Jane (Shailene Woodley), Madeline (Reese Witherspoon), and Renata (Nicole Kidman) star in THE MONTEREY (Laura Dern).

EXES AND HUSBANDS: Ed (Adam Scott), Nathan (James Tupper), and Gordon (James Tupper) (Jeffrey Nordling)

KIDS: Josh (Cameron Crovetti), Max (Nicholas Crovetti), Ziggy (Iain Armitage), and Skye (Chloe Coleman), Abigail and Chloe (Darby Camp), and Amabella (Kathryn Newton) (Ivy George).

Is there any Trailer of Big Little Lies season 3?

To begin with, we don’t have much information about Season 3 of Big Little Lies. When it comes to the trailer, we’d like HBO to give us an official statement on the series. Only then can we begin to consider the trailer.

Let’s wait for official confirmation from the producers and channels until then. As soon as we receive the information, we will notify you.

Big Little Lies Season 2 ending explanation

In a recent interview with THR, Woodley discussed a variety of personal themes, one of which was her desire to start work on a third season of the acclaimed HBO series. While Kidman teased about a third season of Lies in a Marie Claire interview in 2020, the rest of the cast has been silent until now. Woodley didn’t say anything was set in stone, but she did say it’s just a matter of getting everyone’s schedules straightened out. While industry production was halted due to the COVID-19 outbreak, fellow cast members look eager to resume the series.

Woodley cites her natural approach to acting as one she applied for Jane’s role in the show. Woodley’s humble role reflects the nature of her persona in real life, as a wonderfully gifted underdog in a sea of big name performers. Despite being occupied with a long list of creative undertakings, the actress has made time for herself and her fiancé Aaron Rodgers.

With episodes like The Undoing, starring Nicole Kidman, HBO has managed to give audiences a taste of suspenseful material with performers from the show. With eight Emmys under its belt and an average of ten million viewers per episode, Big Little Lies will inevitably be renewed. The underlying tension that had been building from the beginning of the series reached an all-time high when Streep’s character was introduced to the mix. Given how the second season ended, viewers will be interested to see how the characters’ fates play out when Kravitz’s Bonnie makes her bombshell confession.

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Is there any confirmation of Big Little Lies Season 3?

No. In fact, HBO’s upper management appears to be determined that season 2 will be the final edition of the drama. David E. Kelley, the show’s creator, revealed in February that there was “no such plan” for a second season in Monterey. “It’s seasons one and two, and we like how season two finished, but that’ll probably be the end.”

He’s not the only one who thinks season 3 isn’t going to happen. HBO executive Casey Bloys told TVLine that the show’s A-list cast’s demanding schedules rendered additional seasons unlikely: ” I love this group of people – I would do anything with them. But the fact is that they are among Hollywood’s busiest actresses “Bloys told TVLine about it. “We’ve made arrangements with a few of them, and Nicole is collaborating with us on her forthcoming show [The Undoing]. I just think it’s not realistic.”

But let’s hope they all sync their iCals since it sounds like HBO would be interested if the actors could pull it off. “Look, if they all came to me and said, ‘We worked out all of our schedules!'” Bloys told TVLine.—sure.” “However, I don’t believe it is realistic.” Given that Big Little Lies’ second season was also a surprise renewal, it’s not completely out of the question…right?

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Frequently Asked Question

1. Is there going to be a third season of Little Big Lies?

Season three of Big Little Lies has yet to be confirmed.

2. Has Big Little Lies been renewed for a third season?

Nicole Kidman confirmed that Season 3 of ‘Big Little Lies’ is on the way.

3. How many seasons of Big Little Lies are there?

There are 2 seasons of Big Little Lies. Hope season 3 will hit on air soon.


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