Bifidum is isolated in the north; Antarctic shift ::

A dream increasingly true in the North, and another revived in the South. Pevidém went to Braga to win B Ratio 1 x 0 and rise again to lead your group in this Enter the Portuguese League stage 2Whereas, meanwhile, Vitoria club went to Amadora to make an amazing turnaround, which keeps Estrella in the lead but gives the first sad victory in this final stage.

Northern region: Pevidém nodes

For a long time that a file Bifidum Not a favorite but he continues to surprise, and this time he did so in the first minutes of a very important duel with SC Braga B.. João Pedro Coelho entered the match and needed to score for Trofense at the top of the northern group, but they did more than that and even managed to win, isolating themselves at the top!

The goal was only arrived at the start of the third minute, at a time when Braga’s defense had yet to enter the game. A home player failed to respond to Bividem’s pressure and lost the ball to Kostina, who dodged goalkeeper Ruggiero to open the scoring.

Pevidém is approaching the II Liga Pevidm Sport Clube

The celebrations were long and well deserved, but the hardest thing was missing: The preservation of the score. Continued good performance in the first half maintained the advantage in the first half, but the start of the second half brought more difficulties … less.

However, the team founded in 2006 persevered, until the end, and even managed to win 0x1 And conquer the isolated leadership in the northern region.

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Southern District: Epic, Vitoria !!!

In the south, the story was even more impressive, with Vitoria FC Waiting for the fourth round to win for the first time in the stage of reaching Liga Portugal 2. Sadinos’ team loses against a. star Who is still the leader of the group, but he recorded an impressive transformation that was consumed only in his last breath.

Z Pedro opened the scoring in the 25th minute for Estrella, after a corner kick. After 20 minutes, Paollo Madeira doubled the advantage, concluding the play of Understanding with a single goal in the match that was not scored by his head.

The second half was a completely different story, as it belonged to the Sadino visitors. Between those two dates of Portuguese football, there was an event that had been at the top recently, and that showed the desire to come back quickly when they tied in the match with a four-minute interval. At 56 it was José Simedo who scored, after a free kick for his team, and four minutes later it was Gonzalo Batista who took advantage of a corner kick to tie.

The game raged for the remainder of the second half, and Setubal’s motto almost turned the score with a knock from Bruno Ventura, hitting the post, but the drama was saved at the last minute. At the last moment of the match the goal arrived, in a motion from a fixed kick in which several players attacked the ball, but it was a player from Estrela who placed it in the goal to achieve the goal. 2 x 3 Final and revive the sad dream.

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