Biden chooses Xavier Becker to lead Health and Human Services

Mr. Mr Fiden was inspired by Fidera’s personal story, says someone familiar with his thinking. In particular, shortly after graduating from law school, Mr. The president-elect liked the fact that Beckeray served customers with mental health needs.

While in Congress, Mr. Becquerel was a staunch advocate of the Latin community and was deeply involved in efforts to transform the country’s immigration system. He also promoted plans to create a national museum dedicated to exploring the culture and history of American Latinos. The council voted this year to create such a museum.

Texas Democrat Rep. Filemon Vela, Mr. Mr. Federa. Beckara praised the choice, calling it “historic” and said the California Attorney General was the right person to lead the broader organization during the worst public health crisis in 100 years.

“Beckera will lead a company that will play a key role in overseeing a major immunization effort and will help manage a strong federal response to tackle the worst Govt-19 crisis,” Mr Vela said. “He will help shape the Biden management’s efforts to create an affordable maintenance law.”

In the late 1990s, Mr. Beckera traveled to Cuba and met with its leader, Fidel Castro, which angered Republican members of the Hispanic Caucasus in Congress. They resigned, Said they were “personally insulted” by the arrival.

Current Secretary Alex M. Mr. Azhar II was replaced. Mr. Federa. Biden’s elected president is increasing pressure from the Latin community and the Hispanic Caucasus in Congress to diversify his cabinet. Mr. Mr. Beckera was the second Latin. Biden was later elected to his cabinet Alejandro n. Last month’s selection of Majorcos, Cuban immigrant, Secretary of Homeland Security.

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Michael Lujan Grisham, the state of New Mexico, was considered fit for the post of health secretary, but withdrew. Instead, news leaked last week that Ms. Lujan Grisham had been offered the post of Home Secretary.

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