Top 6 Best Series to Watch on Netflix This June

Best Series to Watch on Netflix This June

Another month has passed, and we have finally received Stranger Things season 4 part 1 as a present.

While the second half of the highly anticipated new season won’t be released until July, there are still a number of Netflix titles that will be added to our viewing lists in June.

Is every Netflix show set to premiere in June 2022, however, worth adding to your queue? In order to make place for the priority titles, you may need to skip a handful of shows, and we’ll break out just which shows you should prioritize this month.

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Stranger Things

Best Series to Watch on Netflix This June

Stranger Things follows the disappearance of Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) in the tranquil town of Hawkins, Indiana, and the appearance of a strange girl with telekinetic skills named Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), who aids Will’s friends in their search.

Stranger Things is an extended ode to ’80s pop culture set in the early ’80s, with references to Stephen King, John Carpenter, and Steven Spielberg’s films, as well as countless other pop-culture touchstones.

Season two continues the tale by delving more into Eleven’s backstory and the consequences of the mystery “Upside Down” on Hawkins.

Stranger Things’ biggest asset, aside from the fun ’80s style action-adventure, is its perfect casting, from Brown as the fierce, yet sensitive Eleven, to Winona Ryder as Will’s worried mother, to David Harbour as the gruff sheriff attempting to make sense of the otherworldly turmoil. Stranger Things is a charming homage to all things the ’80s that works well.

Somebody Feed Phil (season 5)

Best Series to Watch on Netflix This June

Season 5 of Somebody Feed Phil is the most recent Netflix original content to focus on food and travel.

Food connoisseur Philip Rosenthal (well known as the creator of the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond) jets around the world with his family and friends to sample the cuisine and culture.

Season 5 features five destinations, each with its own culinary twist: Oaxaca, Mexico; Maine; Helsinki, Finland; Portland, Oregon; and Madrid, Spain, where Rosenthal tries everything from street cuisine to nine-course banquets.

Rosenthal’s globe culinary excursions provide something a little different than the typical cooking show, where you just watch people make food, with fascinating backstories to every dish that Phil tastes, colourful scenery, kitchen hijinks, and the presenter’s delightful sense of humour. Molly Moss is a fictional character.

The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer, which was previously adapted in 2012 and starred Matthew McConaughey, is now Netflix’s newest smash series.

The TV series revolves around Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia Rulfo), a lawyer who operates out of his Lincoln Navigator while taking on cases in Los Angeles, and is based on a series of novels by Michael Connelly.

The series is a no-nonsense legal procedural with a protagonist you can root for in the form of Haller, a pleasant throwback to the legal dramas of yesteryear (it helps that famed TV writer David E. Kelley of The Practice and Ally MacBeal fame is the creator).

He’ll take on any case where the Man is screwing someone over, he drives a nice automobile, and he lives in sunny Los Angeles.

Manuel Garcia Rulfo breathes new life into the character (he comes close to outdoing McConaughey), and a supporting cast that includes Neve Campbell and Christopher Gorham (of Insatiable) adds plenty of personality to the proceedings.

If you’re looking for a classic legal drama in which Los Angeles plays a role and our protagonist is lovely and easy to root for, The Lincoln Lawyer is for you.


Best Series to Watch on Netflix This June

The narrative of how schoolboys Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) and Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) move from pals to boyfriends over the course of a disastrous school term has gripped the hearts of people all around the world.

The program foregoes the drugs, sex, and unhappiness of more edgy high school fare like Euphoria in favor of an all-ages approach that compensates for its lack of dramatic stakes with sweetness.

With short 25-minute episodes, this is a series that you can easily binge-watch – and you will if you’re a hopeless romantic.

Heartstopper features a mostly newbie cast (with one A-list cameo), but expect to see plenty more of them in the coming years.

In reality, Russell T Davies has just cast trans actress Yasmin Finney, who portrays compassionate schoolgirl Elle, in the 60th anniversary special of Doctor Who.

Grace and Frankie


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It’s hard to think Grace & Frankie has been on Netflix for seven years, but the sitcom, created by Marta Kauffman of Friends, is wrapping up with multiple Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.

This odd couple comedy, starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, follows Grace (Fonda), a fierce, cosmopolitan-drinking retired cosmetics mogul, and Frankie (Tomlin), a free-spirited, quirky artist, after their divorce lawyer husbands Robert (Martin Sheen) and Sol (Sam Waterston) divorce them for each other.

When Grace and Frankie are forced to share the couple’s beach property, the retirees, who had never really liked each other before, gradually become firm friends as they process the breakup of their marriages and engage in new hijinks.

While the first season of this heartwarming comedy earned mixed reviews, if you can make it through to the second, you’ll find that Grace & Frankie is definitely worth watching thanks to its star-studded cast’s funny performances.

Better Call Saul

Best Series to Watch on Netflix This June

People were understandably skeptical when Better Call Saul was originally unveiled. Prequels have a questionable track record, and how could anything possibly compare to Breaking Bad?

The answer, of course, was to stand on its own two feet while still paying homage to the past and presenting some of television’s most fascinating characters.

Bob Odenkirk is fantastic as Slippin’ Jimmy McGill, a character who is so far removed from the unscrupulous Saul Goodman at first that your heart breaks with the realization of what he becomes.

This year, the slow-burn series will come to a close, with legal wranglings expected to take a second seat to full-on mob violence. Whatever the case may be, it appears that our long-term investment in the series will pay off handsomely.


As we approach June, it appears like Netflix will have a busy month ahead of it, with Jennifer Lopez’s new documentary set to premiere.

If those upcoming series don’t pique your interest, don’t worry: there’s plenty to watch right now on Netflix, including a brand-new super-sized season of Stranger Things and LGBTQ+ coming-of-age drama Heartstopper – which stars Doctor Who’s newest cast member Yasmin Finney – as well as the heartwarming comedy Grace and Frankie.

This month, we also have a new season of Netflix’s superhero series The Umbrella Academy to look forward to.


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