Best Game Video Editing Tool For Beginners


The online world of gaming is thriving. An enormous number of videos on YouTube feature gaming, which draws users from several parts of the world to compete. It has become a permanent niche, ever since YouTube videos began.

Famous YouTubers like PewDiePie earn a lot through these streaming videos, and audiences also find them very entertaining. New gamers watch these videos and enrich themselves with exciting ways to play. Also, few channels upload only the funny clips of the entire game. These also include the highlights of the complete game. It is like watching the highlights of a cricket match that sports channels telecast.

Voice overs are mandatory for any game video. For that, the gamers edit their videos before uploading them onto any social media platform. For syncing, it is necessary to use a good video editing tool. There are also several advantages of using video editing tools. Let us look into a few of these tools.

Filmora Video Editor

This video editing tool is the product of Wondershare Technology. It is one of the best paid video editing tools. Because it is a paid version, professionals who want to create videos of top quality use it.

There are hundreds of different effects that this tool provides, including royalty-free soundtracks. Users can install them on the project, along with several transitions. Most gamers use the green screen so that they can change the background of the videos. Several other features include color tuning, audio mixer, split-screen, and much more. You can extract these videos in various formats.

Windows Movie Maker

Microsoft created this video editing tool for several versions of Windows. A Mac version is also available so that editors can install it. This tool has several features like cutting, cropping and rotating the video. This is generally used only if the editors need better presentation. No one likes a badly presented video, even if the content is good. Therefore, the Windows Movie Maker comes in handy to polish the final video.

Several social media platforms partner with this tool. Thus, it is very easy to upload the edited video with ease. Because of pre-set editing styles, this tool can edit the videos according to the gamer’s needs. Apart from these features, video compression and thumbnail addition are also possible. If you are a beginner, you can use this tool for free.


Professionals and video editing experts use this tool. It has several features, which encourage the best gamers to use this tool. They generally use it before uploading the gaming content, since the audience prefers watching videos of excellent quality.

It is compatible with all operating systems, like Windows, Linux or Mac. Before using this tool, editors need to learn how to use it so that they can take advantage of a host of features available. There are plenty of features as well to explore for free. Also, the audio and videos that this tool provides are royalty-free.

There are several other features, including stereoscopic output and HD/UHD support, which make it a good games video editor. This tool also has a feature where an editor can share the project and work with other editors.

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Movavi Video Editor Plus

This is one of the best video editing tools to edit game videos. This tool is compatible with Windows 7 and higher versions. It is also compatible with Mac. It includes several features like titles, stickers and several varieties of transitions. These features make the videos look professional and fun.

This tool also offers a special video stabilizing feature which is great for shaky scenes. It’s also easy to add commentary in this games video editor. Overlapping scenes are also possible, along with all kinds of other formats.


It is another popularly used game video editor that many professional gamers prefer. It is a free tool that is fairly easy to use. It has several features available, which include animation, and simulation. Editors can add external royalty-free audio and video to the project, and use copyright free images.

There is also an audio mixing feature which lets you mix multiple audios. This can create a great effect. Another special feature includes creating a 3D scene and inserting it in a real-life scenario. Several other features include reconstructing the camera, planar and manual tracking. Getting all these features for free is a great opportunity to learn more about them, which is why many new gamers prefer this games video editor.


It is a simple video editing tool that provides an amazing UI that is functional. This tool covers everything in a single program. It also has features that provide attractive transitions and effects. Thumbnails are also available, which portrays the final output before implementing it. The title template is also a prominent feature and works best for beginners.


This tool has a free video editing tool curated for beginners. But a pro version is also available which has special features. These are not available in the free version. It supports high-resolution formats to export the final video. Many formats are compatible when importing projects. It also has special features like visual effects and color grading.

Hitfilm Express

This video editing tool is also available free of cost. It provides a robust experience to users. It is not only an editor but also a compositor. Both function without affecting the other. An enormous number of audio and videos can be stored when using this tool. But for that, you must ensure plenty of space on the computer. It also has several other features like animation, keyframing and VFX, all of which are categorized as advanced features.

Users can also make special adjustments so that there is a temporal interpolation. It also has motion tracking features and can handle many points of tracking. With game videos, it can make it more attractive when using 3D effects. It can also recover content if the user forgets to save it.


All the video editing tools mentioned above are for beginners. A new gamer who is into streaming can also edit videos seamlessly with these tools. Each of them have unique features which make them very useful. Anyone who needs to install a video editing tool can compare these options to find the most suitable one. If you have a gaming YouTube channel, you know the importance of engaging your audience. One of the major factors for engagements is a high-quality video. Thus, gamers can use one of these tools to create a top-quality video for the audience.


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