Behind Her Eyes Season 2: Is There a Release Date for the Season 2?

Behind Her Eyes Season 2

The word “limited” is actually fairly flexible in a limited series like Behind Her Eyes. Producers may aim for a program to run for only one season, but if it proves to be enormously successful, those imagined boundaries are thrown out the window.

Season 1 may have neatly wrapped up any loose ends, but that provides the viewers a new incentive to watch season 2: to see if the program can maintain its momentum (see: Big Little Lies). This is especially true when a TV show is based on a novel, like in Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes.

The series, based on Sarah Pinbrough’s book of the same name, became Netflix’s most popular show by dishing up a classic psychological thriller with all the components. The program begins with Louise (Simona Brown) sharing a drunken kiss with her new employer, David (Tom Bateman). Louise develops a connection with David’s wife, Adele (Eve Hewson), which escalates when Louise and David begin an affair.

In the season 1 conclusion, Louise discovers that “Adele” is actually Adele’s old friend Rob, who can project his mind into Adele’s body. Louise acquires this power, which completely changes the narrative. A second season of Behind Her Eyes would be a radical departure from the first. Here’s everything we know about a prospective encore.

Behind Her Eyes Season 2


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Release Date for Season 2 of Behind Her Eyes

Behind Her Eyes hasn’t been renewed by Netflix, and this supposition is based only on the show’s popularity, which Netflix hasn’t said. As of February 30, The Numbers said that it has ranked as the No. 2 most-watched Netflix title in America and the most-watched series overall.

Because of the recent upheaval in the world, it’s impossible to say when Netflix will order a second season. Season 1 was filmed from June 2019 to October 2019, and debuted in February 2021, 16 months later. Season 2 might launch in late 2022 if the current plan maintains.

It’s important to keep in mind that the four-month production time was before the COVID-19 epidemic; as a result, the production schedule for season 1 may not be a good indicator of what to anticipate going forward.


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The Cast of Behind Her Eyes Season 2

The majority of the actors should return for a second season, assuming that Behind Her Eyes does not follow in the footsteps of American Horror Tale and adopts an anthology-style concept, but rather continues the story of Louise, David, and Adele instead.

However, with all of the astral projection and bodily change, it may be difficult to discern who is who. Adele’s physical body is destroyed at the season 1 finale, thus it’s doubtful that actress Eve Hewson would reprise her part in the same capacity as she did previously in the show.

Also revealed in the episode is that Rob has been possessing Adele’s body for years, and so the Adele that the audience sees was never actually Adele at all. Although season 1 made extensive use of flashbacks, we are not ready to rule out the possibility of an appearance by Eve Hewson just yet.

Otherwise, Louise, David, and Louise’s son Adam all survived, allowing Brown, Bateman, and young Tyler Howett to return to their home country of England. Rob’s actor, Robert Aramayo, could also return, but only through flashbacks, as his character’s corporeal body had died years before the events of the show.


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The Plot of Behind Her Eyes Season 2

Because the first season had a solid finish, it’s impossible to predict what the storyline of a second season of Behind Her Eyes might look like. However, there may still be potential for exploration in season two.

At the conclusion of season 1, Louise discovers that Rob has not only been in love with David all along, but that he has also projected his mind into Adele’s body, and that “Adele” has in fact been Rob the entire time.

However, when Louise discovers this, Rob transfers his consciousness into her body and Louise’s consciousness into Adele’s body. In Rob’s disguise, he kills Louise in Adele’s disguise, and Rob then assumes control of Louise’s life, marrying David and raising his kid, Adam, under Rob’s supervision.

Adam begins to think something is wrong with his mother towards the conclusion of the season finale, despite the fact that David is completely oblivious that Louise is actually Rob.


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