Is Bad Boys Season 4 Going to be Happen in 2022 Year?

Bad Boys Season 4

With fantastic box office results, critical acclaim (yes, really), and rave reviews from fans, Bad Boys for Life became an unexpected blockbuster hit when it was released in January of this year.

Even though they last appeared as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett in Bad Boys II 17 years ago, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence proved that they still possess all of the action chops, deadpan comedy skills, and onscreen chemistry necessary not only to field a solid return to the franchise but also its best entry to date.

Lowrey and Burnett’s return was announced in 2015, and a fourth installment was rumored to be in the works. Fans who have been keeping track may recall that a fourth installment was also rumored to be in the results at the time.

bad boys 4

When it became clear that Bad Boys for Life was going to clean house at the box office during its first weekend, which saw it earn the second-largest January opening in history, the studio Sony was quick to confirm that this was still the case.

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However, as soon as it became clear that Bad Boys for Life was going to clean house at the box office during its first weekend, the studio Sony quickly confirmed this was still the case (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Of course, we don’t have much information about the film yet. Still, it’s never too early to start digging through the available information and engaging in our trademark brand of informed conjecture about it. Here’s all we know about Bad Boys 4 up to this point.

The Release Date for Bad Boys 4 has been Set.

First and foremost, an official release date for Bad Boys 4 has not yet been announced. Although it was reported that Sony had recruited Bad Boys for Life screenwriter Chris Bremner to write the fourth installment, Sony did not confirm this.

In addition, the studio has informed us that there will not be another 17-year break between films. You read that correctly – nearly two decades transpired between the release of Bad Boys II and the release of Bad Boys for Life. Do you want to know what the most enjoyable part is? The fourth edition of the Big Boys film series will be released in theatres this summer. Hurrah!!!

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One of the primary barriers to releasing the third picture was getting Will Smith’s schedule to coincide with the rest of the cast and crew. Smith was a rising star in 2003, but he is now a mega-star, and there would be no Bad Boys without him on the show.

While Smith has a rather busy schedule of upcoming films, we’re going to venture a bet that Sony will do whatever it takes to ensure that Bad Boys 4 arrives in theatres no later than 2022, as is customary for the studio.

Bad Boys 4’s Ensemble Cast

Smith and Lawrence will undoubtedly return for Bad Boys 4, even though the rest of the cast is still up in the air. As Rita, the boys’ fellow officer, it’s a safe bet that Paola Nez will reprise her role; after Bad Boys for Life, she is promoted to Captain, and since their previous boss Captain Howard (Joe Pantoliano), was an assassin, ted during the events of the film, Lowrey and Burnett will need someone to bust their asses in the sequel.

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The revelation that Lowrey was his biological father came as a shock after he spent the duration of For Life attempting to assassinate him for his long-ago involvement in bringing down his parents’ cartel. (Shocking twist ahead.) Lowrey had an affair with his mother while deep undercover. In addition, a scene during the film’s mid-credits sequence suggests that Armando (Jacob Scipio) may have a role to play in the fourth installment.

What Exactly is the Storyline of Bad Boys 4?

Unfortunately, that stinger doesn’t provide us with any other information on this case — although it’s apparent that it willsomehow connect to Armandow. As a result of Armando’s entire Life being spent as an assassin for a Mexican drug cartel, it stands to reason that the kid has inside information on a wide range of international criminal enterprises.

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As a result, we anticipate that Bad Boys 4 will see Lowrey and Burnett dealing with some shady new organization — one that Armando is familiar with — attempting to establish a foothold in the Miami market.

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We may, however, be able to gain another piece of information about the plot of Bad Boys 4 from IMDB. When a new threat emerges in Miami, a modern, highly specialized police squad collides with the Bad Boys, according to the film’s official website, presumably developed around those first 2015 claims.

The page has since been updated with a generic “Plot unknown” tag. Still, that brief synopsis had to have come from somewhere, and with Bad Boys for Life co-writer Chris Bremner already attached to write the fourth installment, the plot element involving the “highly specialized police unit” that was causing problems for Burnett and Lowrey may still make it into the film.