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Regeneran ISEF 2021, held in the United States last Friday (21). The award was presented to five scientific projects in Brazil. At the pre-university level it is the largest international science and engineering exhibition, attended by about 1,800 young people from 65 national races.

Developed by six high school and technical students from the states of Bahia, Paran பர, Rio Grande do Sul and Sao Paulo, these projects received highly coveted awards from 1,800 young people from 65 countries who participated in the exhibition.

In total, 1,480 projects were presented and evaluated in 21 categories. The top four finishers in each category received prizes ranging from $ 3,000 to $ 500. Criteria analyzed: In addition to students' creative ability and scientific thinking, scientific rigor, competence and clarity in the development of projects.

Due to the Govt-19 epidemic, evaluation of exhibitions and projects at this year’s Regeneran ISEF was carried out remotely. Therefore, to participate in the exhibition, each Brazilian student received a notebook, headset, data bag and a T-shirt, which were donated by the US Embassy and Consulate in Brazil, which sponsored the Brazilian delegation, which included nine students.

All Brazilian projects won at the Regeneran ISEF 2021 were selected by the main national exhibition of science projects in February (Brazilian Science and Engineering Exhibition), which is attended by elementary, high school and technical students from all sections of the federation.

From Brazil, the highlight was planned by Rafaela Curcio, a Jundia (SP) student who placed third in the “Environmental Engineering” category. The other three projects ranked fourth in the "Social and Behavioral Sciences", "Microbiology" and "Botany" categories. They were created by students from the cities of Osario (RS), Salvador (PA) and Toledo (PR). See below for more information about the projects and their authors.

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Conquerors in Brazil

3rd place in Environmental Engineering – $ 1,000 prize
Rafaela Cursio
Project: Automatic water analysis: Microcontroller based drone development
Supervisors: Jose Roberto Cunha Jr. and Ricardo Murillo de Paula
School: ETEC Benedetto Storrani, Jundia – S.P.
City: Jundia, S.P.

4th place in Behavior and Social Sciences – $ 500 prize
Victoria Leal Altmeyer Silva
Project: FIDERE: Development of application aimed at the circular economy of thrift stores and associations on the north coast of Rio Grande do Sulin
Supervisors: Flavia Santos Tverdovsky Pinto and Claudius Jordel Soares
School: IFRS – Campus Osario, Osario – R.S.
City: Osario, R.S.

4th place in Microbiology – $ 500 prize
Ana Carolina Gonzalez Selva
Project: Fungal tube potential in different plant extracts in in vitro growth of phytopathogen causing anthracnose in bananas – Phase IV
Consultant: Dionia Sharon
School: Jordim Porto Alegre State School – Division II, Toledo
City: Toledo, P.R.

4th place in Botany – $ 500 prize
Nicole Melo de Almeida and Yasmin Barreto del Fonseca
Project: Alternative technology to enhance germination and potency of bioactive compounds in coriander cultures from the biology of Tunaliella salina embedded in polymeric biofilm
Supervisors: Fernando Leal Barreros Ma Tinho and Jameel da Cruz Caldas
School: SESI Piatã – Escola Djalma Pessoa, Salvador – BA
City: Salvador, B.A.

Valuable Note from the International Council on Systems Engineering – INCOSE
Henrik Rodriguez Hisa Amorim (16)
Project: High-speed technologies in teaching astronomy
Supervisors: Diego Boat and Sandra Maria Rudella Donitandal
School: Collegio Dante Aligeri, Sao Paulo – S.P.
City: Sao Paulo, S.P.

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