Austin Mcbroom Net Worth: How Much the Youtube Star Earns?

Austin Mcbroom Net Worth

Austin McBroom (born May 20, 1992) is a well-known Instagram and YouTube personality as well as a former collegiate basketball player for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

He was a guard for the ‘Eastern Washington Eagles,’ ‘Central Michigan Chippewas,’ and ‘Saints Louis Billikens.’ He was also gifted in other sports, like football and baseball.

He also played baseball and football for a short time. Austin is currently a full-time blogger and the owner of The ACE Family, a family channel. He and his fiancée, Catherine, administer the channel, which has amassed millions of members.

He currently has a popular YouTube channel called ‘The ACE Family,’ which has over 19 million subscribers. Austin, his partner Catherine Paige, and their gorgeous daughter Ellie are known as the ACE Family, which is an abbreviation of the first letter of their names.

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Early Years

Austin Mcbroom Net Worth

Austin McBroom was born in Los Angeles, California, on the 20th of May 1992. He hasn’t revealed enough about his upbringing and parents. We did learn, though, that he had a brother, Landon McBroom, who is also a YouTube sensation.

Previously, Austin was more interested in sports. He was more interested in football, baseball, and basketball while at Campbell Hall School.

Throughout his senior year, he averaged 25 points per game. He then enrolled at Saint Louis University. During the 2011-2012 season, Austin was a member of a University men’s basketball team.

Personal Life of Austin McBroom

Everyone knows Austin is married to Catherine Paiz, with whom he does a lot of YouTube videos. The couple has three children: Elle and Alaia, two daughters, and Steel, a son.

Austin Mcbroom Net Worth

Catherine is expecting their fourth child, according to the couple, who announced her pregnancy on April 29, 2021. On May 1, 2021, the happy family will relocate to their new home in Miami, which they announced in a video.

Austin has recently gotten a lot of attention for his ongoing battle with Bryce Hall, a TikTok star. Austin challenged Bryce to about in December 2020.

Bryce didn’t answer him for a long, but in March 2021, he compiled a list of all the communications between him and Austin and posted it on Twitter.

On March 15, he posted an image with a $5 million figure next to it and stated that he is finally ready to battle Austin. On June 12, the bout will take place in West Hollywood.

Before their fight, the two met at a WeHo convention, and both had a couple of handshakes with each other.

Austin McBroom’s Net Worth

Austin McBroom’s net worth is expected to be at $2 million in 2022. Austin and Catherine earn roughly $7,000 per day from their YouTube channel, The ACE Family, bringing their annual revenues to around $2.5 million.


Before becoming a YouTube celebrity, Austin McBroom was a well-known basketball player. He was a guard for the ‘Eastern Washington Eagles,’ ‘Central Michigan Chippewas,’ and ‘Saints Louis Billikens,’ among others.


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He had a career-high with 37 points against Northern Colorado in 2016 with the Eastern Washington Eagles. In basketball, he was also selected for all-state tournaments.

Austin McBroom also has a YouTube channel called “THE ACE FAMILY,” which has 19 million subscribers. With family members including his wife Catherine Paiz and daughters Ellie and Alaria, the channel’s core programming is amusing and memorable.

Ellie, his daughter, is already well-known for her sweet demeanor and ability to dance. He also has a sizable Twitter following, with 1.7 million followers.

And there’s Instagram, which has 6.8 million users. With over 37 million views, their most popular video is named “The Best Proposal of All Time.” In January 2016, they released their debut video.


Austin McBroom was an NCAA basketball player in the past. His YouTube channel has made him a household name. He’s also well-known on Instagram.

He was a member of the Campbell Hall, Saint Louis Billikens, Central Michigan Chippewas, and Eastern Washington Eagles basketball teams throughout his career. Thanks to his YouTube channel, The ACE Family, McBroom is now one of the most popular writers on the platform. He co-owns it with Catherine, his girlfriend.

Austin, Catherine Paiz, and their daughter, Elle, are the initials of the acronym ACE. Austin McBroom’s net worth is expected to be at $2 million in 2022.