‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4 Part 2: Is There Any Potential Release Date Available?


The humans and titans have been fighting for millennia, but it’s all about to come to a close.

After a decade of providing us with intense anime attacks and frightening grinning giants, the nightmare is finally coming to an end.

With the exception of the Chicago Cubs, it looks like every major sports team in America will be wearing black hats to commemorate their fallen heroes.

Many elements of Eren’s personality have been influenced by Season 4 Part 1. We watched him grow from being the hero we were rooting for to becoming the biggest villain the world has ever seen.

What lies ahead for Eren and his fellow Survey Corps members? The information we have is as follows.

When Will the Fourth Season of ‘Attack on Titan’ Conclude?

Initial Release Date- January 9, 2022.

The series will conclude with a fourth season, which is set to premiere on January 9, 2022.

The date was revealed at the conclusion of a live-streamed music concert for the program’s soundtrack in August.

Before the official release date was announced, there was only a vague 2022 winter schedule for the anime. We anticipated that the anime will be released between January and March 2022, and we were correct.

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Anime series are generally released on a set seasonal timetable. However, ‘ does not follow the same pattern as before.

The winter season generally begins in January, the spring season in April, summer in July, and fall in October. ‘ is unusual in that it generally premieres new seasons towards the end of the month. The first part of Season 4 was technically designated as the 2020 Fall season, but it aired in December rather than October.

As a result, we determined that season 4, part 2 will premiere between the first week of January and the end of March.

What Is The Story Of Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2?

We are undoubtedly on the road to a large war, thanks to where Part 1 left us. After Eren murdered innocent people in an attack on Marley, the series took a much darker turn.

The attack has placed Eren in opposition to everyone, even his old pals who were compelled to band together to stop him. The former hero is now viewed as an adversary, and a massive conflict is on the verge of breaking out.

In the last two episodes, we discovered that Eren plotted with his half-brother Zeke to sterilize all Eldians in order to end the suffering caused by those with titan abilities and those who did not have them.

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The third and most important point is that once the Eldians are gone, there will be no more children to take their place. Nonetheless, murder of non-combatants can never be justified.

Fans believe Eren was only faking his agreement with Zeke’s sterilization plan. The hero has been depicted as a good-natured guy for years, so there’s no way he could just forget his values. They think he has a more improved strategy in mind to end everyone’s suffering.

So what is it? He has a strategy in place. The true cause of his seeming cruelty will be revealed in the anime’s final chapter, but we’ll hold off on further disclosures based on how the manga concluded.

It’s worth noting that Eren’s initial objective was to destroy all of the titans at the start of the anime. However, with the Eldian and Marleyan conflict, things have gotten even more difficult.

The remaining military forces of Marley dropped from the sky on The Shiganshina District to take or kill Eren at the conclusion of Season 4, part 1. The main conflict has yet to begin, and it’s up to Eren how he will face these huge perils.

Is There a Part 2 to the Attack on Titan Season 4 Trailer?

Kinda. This isn’t the actual long trailer yet, more like a preview trailer for episode 75 of Attack on Titan in the Japanese television broadcast.

The first trailer hinted at a Winter 2022 release date for the next episode, which is called ‘ .’ Although it doesn’t completely address the overall immersion in the game,

The film’s trailer displayed a mysterious photograph of a young lady who was surrounded by accusing fingers before being consumed by a bright, wormlike light.

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With the second season of ‘Attack on Titan’ set to premiere in April, the initial trailer left us with more questions than answers. However, we anticipate that the anime will provide a longer trailer for the last chapter of “Attack On Titan.” We’ll fill this area in once we get a hold of the formal trailer. Meanwhile, here’s the teaser we were discussing.


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