Asa Butterfield: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The ‘Sex Education’ Star


Asa has a long history in entertainment. In the past, he was known for his work as a child actor, gamer, and musician.

Asa Butterfield has made a name for himself as a teen sex expert, Otis Milburn, on Netflix. The show’s latest season has generated a lot of enthusiasm, and fans are looking forward to the next one.

Asa is Otis, a socially backward adolescent who is nervous about sex. He is the son of two sex and relationship experts and uses the knowledge he has imbibed from them to help his classmates navigate their own sexual problems.

He was even before becoming a household name through the Netflix series an established star who you may have already seen. Here are 10 more facts about the 24-year-old that you may find interesting.

He Was a Young Performer.

Asa was making headlines as a child star long before his much-anticipated appearance in Sex Education. He had been acting since he was seven years old. In the late 1990s, he appeared in minor roles in British television series and the 2007 feature film.

He is best known for his roles in The Vow, Twelve Years a Slave, and 12 Years a Slave. He has also appeared in several other well-known movies such as where he played Norman, the protagonist, and, among others. However, his career skyrocketed in 2008 with his part as a prison guard.

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He Was Praised for His Performance in the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, Which Won Him Critical Acclaim.

Asa played a young German boy named Bruno in this historical film based on Mark Herman’s book of the same name. Asa gave an outstanding performance in the tragic film about the Holocaust, which was gut-wrenching.

The story revolves around a young German boy who defies his father, joins the resistance, and befriends a Jewish child in a concentration camp. Even now, after all these years, the devastating conclusion of the film has haunted Asa.

There were a few instances when I’d state, ‘I’m not able to do it.’ We took breaks between shoots, played games, and watched old episodes of The Office. But it is difficult for a youngster. ‘Where do I find the topic?’ He continued, “I don’t know what it was. I didn’t know there was anything called a blog until much later. It had nothing to do with blogging.”

He’s a Lot Like Otis.

Asa may not be as socially inept as Otis, but he does see aspects of himself in the role. “I’m quite geeky. I’m a big video-game fan, just like he is.

He’s friends with the people who play my favorite games, so it did feel quite familiar. There are a lot of references within, which I’ve slyly included,’ he explained to Vulture . He even brought home a Nintendo item from the set.

Andrew Is a Huge Gamer.

In fact, he’s a big video game fan. In 2017, he took part in the Nintendo World Championships, and that year he even won a gold medal. He got off to a good start, but he couldn’t make it to the finals. His favorite Nintendo game was Super Smash Bros.

He was a huge fan of Super Smash Bros., and he would play it nearly every day. Fans were expecting him to do well because he played Ender in the film Ender’s Game, which was about simulation games.

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He Was Almost Chosen to Play Spider-man Instead of Tom Holland.

We may have seen Asa as Spiderman, but it went to another native English actor, Tom Holland, instead. Asa had previously auditioned for the superhero role in 2015, and he was even considered for it. ‘There’s just a little piece here and there,’ he continued.

‘And it’s a script you love, and you put your heart and soul into it, and you don’t get it.’ ‘It’s difficult and s***, but at the end, I find that something even better comes out of it. And so in the case of Spider-Man, I did Sex Ed, because I wouldn’t have been able to do both of those at the same time.’

His Mother Practices Psychology.

His mother, like his on-screen mom played by Gillian Anderson, is also a psychologist. ‘We spoke about it last year,’ he added. She was reading the script when it hit her, “Hold on.

You have an impact on someone in their most vulnerable state, and you can make a really huge difference in terms of how they feel about themselves.” ‘It’s part of what I do for a living, and it was something I found quite fascinating,’ he added. It’s no surprise that Otis came so easily to him.

He Has a Half-sister and Two Siblings.

Asa has one older brother and two younger sisters. His older brother is Morgan Butterfield, a musician. He is a drummer who previously performed in the band ‘Underneath the Tallest Tree’ and now performs in the group ‘Oats.’

Asa is the youngest child of three, with two older sisters named Loxie Butterfield and Sophie. With a gap in age of almost 10 years, Asa has an older sister named Loxie Butterfield. She also enjoys watching movies and playing games with her brother. Linus was born to his father’s and stepmother’s daughter, Marlie Butterfield.

He Loves Music

Asa, too, shares his father’s love of music. They’ve formed a dancing group called Mambo Fresh. He plays the drums, piano, and guitar as well. Asa has even composed his own songs, including a mashup of Wheatus’s and XTC’s music. At the request of Billboard, Asa created a playlist for Ender’s Game.

He Has a Passion for Wildlife Filmmaking.

Despite the fact that he has achieved great success as an actor, Asa does not believe he will be acting for the rest of his life. ‘I’d be most likely to shoot wildlife films since I grew up watching so many of them and am very interested in nature and photography,’ he added.

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‘I’ll most likely be able to turn a profit from it and leave the UK since there’s not much wildlife in London – only foxes and pigeons, but that isn’t very fascinating as a documentary, so I’d want to go somewhere more interesting.’

His Middle Name Is Bopp, Which Means “I’m Happy.”

Asa Bopp Farr Butterfield is the full name of Asa. His mother’s second name, Farr, has also made its way into his social media handles, and it has a significant meaning. My middle name is derived from the comet Hale-Bopp.

Asa used the term “swag” to describe his origins. He then tweeted, “I was named after a brand of clothing called Asa.” It was the comet that he saw in the sky on his birthday.


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