Army punishes 14 senior officers after murder and other deaths in Fort Hood

Secretary of Defense Ryan McCarthy said the problems at Fort Hood were “directly related to leadership failures”.

“I have ordered the commanders and other leaders to be relieved and suspended from the army to the position of team,” he said, adding that 14 senior officers have “been relieved of their suspensions.”

Ordered for independent investigation After the death of 20-year-old soldier Vanessa Gillan, A few months after disappearing in April, its remains were found in a shallow grave in late June. He was later killed with a hammer in the armory where he worked and his body was moved by his killer, who later killed himself before he could be arrested.

The murder of the SBC. Vanessa Gillan “shocked our senses and brought attention to deeper issues,” McCarthy said.

“The initial investigation into Vanessa’s death, along with the high number of crimes and deaths at Ford Hood, have revealed a series of wrongdoings and numerous failures in our organization and in our leadership,” he added.

The independent review released on Tuesday outlines deep concerns about the culture at the base and suggests that top commanders and senior listed personnel are not paying enough attention to the welfare of the troops. It outlines specific concerns about the search for missing soldiers and how cases of sexual harassment and sexual harassment are handled.

The Ford Hood Independent Review Team, which was tasked with examining the culture and climate of military service, found there a “flawed climate” in which the “sexual harassment / assault response and prevention (Sharp)” program was ineffective, according to the Pentagon. Evaluation, especially within the listed teams.

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The report said that Ford Hood leadership knew or should have known the risk of further harm to female players.

“Soldiers attacking and harassing other soldiers is against military values ​​and requires a dramatic change in culture,” said team leader Chris Swecker. “During our review, the panel determined that there was a permissible environment for sexual harassment and sexual harassment in Ford Hood.

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