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Are Scrappy and Bambi From LHHATL Still Together?

Is Bambi and Scrappy Still Together

The long-running VH1 reality television program ‘Love & Hip Hop‘ covers the tumultuous and highly entertaining everyday lives of R&B and Hip-hop performers, rappers, and their lovers.

The documentary series ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,’ which debuted in June 2012, is the second spin-off of the original series. Lil Scrappy and Bambi Benson were a couple whose on-again, off-again romance was the focal point of the show.

Scrappy and Bambi’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Journey

In the third season, Lil Scrappy met Bambi Benson. Previously, he was in a relationship with former co-star and ex-girlfriend Erica Dixon, with whom he has a daughter named Emani Richardson.

Relationship difficulties arose when Lil Scrappy and Bambi began dating but they were unable to understand each other’s feelings. Even though he was seeing someone else, he couldn’t help but think about his ex-girlfriend Erica.

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When Bambi learned that Scrappy still had feelings for Erica, she decided she did not want to get involved. Even more unexpectedly, he expressed interest in being with her and even bought her a puppy as an expression of his regret.

Bambi was hesitant at first because sh,e wanted Scrappy to get his emotions in order before they reconciled, but eventually she gave in. As the years progressed, they encountered Erica-related difficulties again and again, which weakened their relationship.

Scrappy’s mom, Deborah Bryant, aka “Momma Dee,” also presented difficulties for Bambi. The latter was always looking for ways to drive a wedge between her son and his partner, and her feelings toward her son’s partner wavered back and forth. Both Scrappy and Bambi had similar experiences and had to break up several times to pursue their respective goals.

Bambi ended her relationship with Scrappy because she thought he did not work as hard to advance her career as she did. On the other hand, his time apart from her had helped him appreciate her more than ever before, and he had surprised her by proposing marriage.

Is the couple still together or did they split up because of the difficult individuals in their lives? Everything you need to know is right here!

Lil Scrappy & Bambi Split … Scrappy Reportedly Dating Erica Mena

According to a report by Media Take Out, the Atlanta pair Lil Scrappy andrumoredenson have decided to divorce after five years of marriage. Scrappy is also rumored to be dating Bambi’s co-star and close friend, Erica Mena.

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Season 3 of LHHATL marked the beginning of Scrappy and Bambi’s relationship, and throughout the show, they consistently demonstrated that they were each other’s rock. They tied the knot in 2017, and now raise a family of three: Breland, Xylo, and Cali.

A former girlfriend of Scrappy’s, Erica Dixon (who appeared on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta), gave birth to their daughter Emani Richardson.

Things for the House of Shimmer business owner have been coated ever since Bambi and Scrappy began dating. Bambi stayed by her husband’s side through some difficult times, including a love triangle involving, Erica, and Shay Johnson, as well as Momma Dee’s persistent meddling.

In Season 10, Bambi’s marriage problems nearly reached a breaking point, but with the support of Sierra Gates and the recently divorced Erica Mena, Bambi was able to persevere.

Erica reciprocated Bambi’s support after her divorce from fellow LHHATL star Safaree Samuels during the previous season. Scrappy consoled Erica when she learned that Scrappy’s friend Safaree was sentenced to pay a paltry $4,305 per month in child support.

After one of Scrappy’s most exposed moments on Love & Hip Hop, we hear that he and Bambi are divorcing. According to media accounts, in the LHHATL season finale airing on November 7, Scrappy confronted his mother, Momma Dee, for raising him in a trap house and brothel where she pimped women and sold drugs.

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Rumors Are Out That Lil Scrappy is Dating Erica Mena has reported that not only is the marriage between Scrappy and Bambi dissolved, but Scrappy has also moved on with another LHHATL cast member. According to a show insider, Scrappy is currently seeing Bambi’s buddy Erica Mena.

When Erica moved from the New York franchise to the Atlanta franchise, she and Bambi got close. Bambi publically supported Erica during her separation and divorce from her ex-husband Safaree Samuels.

But it was Scrappy who gave Erica a celebratory hug when she learned that her divorce from Safaree had been finalized, and it was also Scrappy who consoled Erica when she sobbed after learning that she would only receive $4305 per month in child support.

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