Are Melissa and Joe Still Together From the Real Housewives of New Jersey?


Bravo premiered the American reality television series The Real Housewives of New Jersey (also known as RHONJ) on May 12, 2009. Many viewers have wondered if Melissa and Joe have reconciled.

The couple has persevered through adversity and emerged stronger than ever. Keep reading to find out what the story has to say regarding whether or not Melissa and Joe are still together.

Who is Melissa?

Television host, novelist, singer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur Melissa Ann Gorga was born on 21 March 1979 and is a prominent figure in the United States. She has been a part of The Real Housewives of New Jersey since its third season in 2011 when she was introduced to the audience.

How Did Joe and Melissa Meet?

In 2002, while on spring break in Cancun, Mexico, Melissa met the real estate agent. Melissa and Joe didn’t talk to one other when they first met, but they ran into each other again at a beach bar in New Jersey.

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Are Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga Still Together?

In the season 11 finale of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Melissa revealed that she was having doubts about her marriage to Joe. “I’ve never seen Joe fight so hard against anything that I desire,” she said.

Because I’ve never before felt such utter tiredness and wanted to give up, I’m worried about the future of our relationship. They seem to have worked out their differences after the bumps they encountered in season 11.

Is Melissa and Joe Still Together

Melissa said she’s changed a lot since they got married, and the couple is trying to accept each other and mature as people as a result, according to a February 2021 interview. She went on to say that the couple is motivated to work harder at their relationship because of their children and their love for one another. Melissa went on to explain that the couple has remained together despite the widespread interest in their marriage.

Melissa said in an interview published in July 2021 that spending more time together during filming season 11 led to heated confrontations during which they addressed their concerns, citing the COVID-19 pandemic as one of the causes that brought out their conflicts. She explained that Joe’s apprehension about her career was not because he was ashamed of her accomplishments. He takes pride in it, yet it forces me to leave the house more than I’d want. We were starting to tire out since he doesn’t care. And I refuse to let it go.

Melissa also mentioned how they were ashamed to watch season 11 at first, but after doing so, they saw how their differences were causing problems for the group. So, they did some serious work on their marriage. As Joe eased off on his constant criticism, she began to approach her work more methodically. Even though we’ve been married for 16 years, there’s still so much I don’t know about you. “I think every marriage has its defining moments,” Melissa continued.

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Having recently celebrated 17 years of marriage in August 2021, Joey and Melissa Gorga are in a positive place as they work to deepen their connection. They both show that marriage requires dedication and work through the good times and the bad. There is nothing more that a fan wants than to see their favorite couple continue their happy relationship.

Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga: Relationship Timeline

In 2002, while on spring break in Cancun, Mexico with some friends, Melissa met Joe Gorga. Joe fell instantly in love with her upon seeing her, even though he did not initiate any conversation with her.

He looked everywhere for Melissa, and eventually, the two ran into each other at a beach bar in New Jersey. They started dating, and on August 20, 2004, they became husband and wife. Joey, Antonia, and Gino were born to their parents in 2005, 2007, and 2010 respectively.

Is Melissa and Joe Still Together

When the Gorgas first appeared on “RHONJ” in 2011, their lives were far from ideal. Melissa’s relationship with Teresa Giudice, a cast member and Joe’s sister, was tense for many seasons.

The situation was updated in November 2021 when Melissa stated on E! News Daily Pop, “We understand each other at this moment. What you’re saying is acceptable to us. Our relationship is one of blood. Our children are devoted to one another. It would appear that Melissa and Teresa reconciled in the end for the sake of their children.

In season seven, however, as she struggled to juggle her new clothes business, Envy, and her family responsibilities, tensions between Joe and her grew. Joe was shown accusing Melissa of putting her career ahead of their family in a heated dispute that played out on screen. He continued by saying that his salary was more important to the family than Melissa’s, and she responded by calling him “old school.”

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Melissa’s preparation of a family dinner for Joe and the kids helped defuse their earlier disagreements about her going out and working. The pair reconciled and appeared to be moving forward in their relationship until the season 11 shooting of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” began in 2020. Melissa and Joe get into a heated argument in front of their co-stars in Season 11 Episode 8.

Joe implied that Melissa has changed since she became a businesswoman, which causes Melissa to explode. He went on to say that Melissa’s job was to blame for their growing apart.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Did Melissa Cheat on Joe?

Melissa, though, disputed the charges. She told me at that time, “I’ve never cheated on Joe.” All of this is frustrating.

Did Melissa and Joe Go to Teresa’s Wedding?

“We did not attend the wedding of your sister. We have a long list of justifications in our heads “Melissa said.

Where Are Melissa and Joe Gorga Now?

Since joining the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey in 2011, Melissa has never hidden her lavish lifestyle from her admirers. The Bravolebrity, who was born in Toms River, New Jersey, now lives in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, with her husband and three children, Antonia, Gino, and Joey Gorga.

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