Are Jason Derulo and Jena Still Together? More Updates

Is Jason Derulo and Jena Still Together

Are Jason Derulo and Jena still together? Even though Jena had posted a birthday message for the singer the day before Jason made the revelation, there was no indication that anything was wrong between them in Jason’s post. Read the complete article to know about their relationship status.

Who is Jason Derulo?

American singer and songwriter Jason Derulo was born Jason Joel Desrouleaux on September 21, 1989.

Is Jason Derulo and Jena Still Together

Throughout his solo recording career, which began in 2009, he has sold over 250 million singles around the world and earned eleven platinum songs, including “Wiggle,” “Talk Dirty,” “Want to Want Me,” “Trumpets,” “It Girl,” “In My Head,” “Ridin’ Solo,” and “Whatcha Say.”

Who is Jena?

New Jersey native Jena Frumes has worked as a model and actress. As a result of her success as a fitness model, she gained widespread online attention.

Jena is 30 years old – she was born on September 21, 1993, and even shares a birthday with Jason! Jena’s Instagram handle is @jenafrumes and she currently has 4.5million followers

When Did Jason Derulo and Jena Frumes Break Up?

Jason Derulo announced the breakup with their girlfriend Jena Frumes on September 23, 2021, via social media.

In a tweet, the singer said, “Jena and I have chosen to split ways.”

“She’s a wonderful mom, but we both want to focus on becoming the greatest versions of ourselves and parents that we can be right now, and we think that means spending some time apart.

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Please respect our privacy at this time,” he added to his plea to admirers.”

Why Did Jason Derulo and Jena Frumes Break Up?

It was unclear at the time why the pair had decided to end their relationship. Jena’s Instagram post wishing the artist a happy birthday has been deleted. Before, it stated: “Wishing @jasonderulo a happy birthday! It’s a blessing that my mate and I were born on the same day.”

To paraphrase, “You are the most gorgeous, hardworking, talented, silly, loving human ever.”

I am very thankful for the love we have because you complete me in every way.
“I’m a tough cookie, but you’ve helped soften me up and accept me for who I am, and for that, I’m eternally thankful. Here’s to the next 365 days! Forever and always, I love you.”
Additionally, Jena said, “You and our mini make me the happiest girl in the world, and I can’t wait to build more memories with you guys.”

Jason and Jena welcomed their first child together in May 2021, a few months after they shared the news of their pregnancy in March. Co-parenting with Jena, according to Jason, is “wonderful,” as he told People in November 2021.”It’s a lovely thing,” Derulo told People of their mutual support now that they are co-parents.

On New Year’s Eve, Jena posted a video to Instagram reflecting on the year that had been “This has been quite the year. Hello, 2022.”

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She lamented the end of their relationship on Instagram, writing, “It’s terrible my situation didn’t work out because we once did aim to be married, but maybe it’s best to be single than in a relationship and continually be insulted, cheated on, and lied to.”

When Did Jason Derulo and Jena Meet for the First Time?

They had only met moments before the lockdown was instituted, and they decided to quarantine together then and there. Because of their dance videos on TikTok, the two of them became instant sensations.

After dating for a year, the couple shared the exciting news that they were expecting their first child together, with Jena displaying a very visible baby bump.
Their little bundle of joy arrived two months later, on May 8th. Jason King Derulo was the name chosen for their newborn son.

Is Jason Derulo and Jena Still Together

Both parents shared the news of their son’s birth on Instagram, with Jena writing, “Life now has so much more purpose & I am so grateful.

” To put it simply, I am head over heels in love with this little child; he is everything I never realized I wanted until now (05/08/2021). the day Jason and his wife brought their son, Jason King Derulo, home, which Jason described as “the happiest day of my life.” The world is a better place because he has a mother like @jenafrumes, who is a strong, compassionate hero.

The couple’s joy at the birth of their baby and the outpouring of love and well wishes they received was overwhelming.

How Jena Frumes is Co-parenting Her Child With Jason Derulo?

It’s been hard to piece together what transpired during the breakup and how it affected Frumes’ mood.

The end of their relationship and the ex-thoughts couple’s of each other remain cloudy due to various versions of the causes for the break-up, unproven adultery charges, and cryptic Tiktoks written by Frumes herself.

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Because of their new baby son, Jason King, the couple has made an effort to be civil.
The two spent some of the holidays together. As a family, Jena, Jason King, and Ice wore similar holiday pajamas, and Derulo splurged on presents for their son. Overall, it seems that Derulo and Frumes are highly present in each other’s lives, especially Jason King’s.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Who Dated Jena Frums Before Jason?

Jena Frumes rose to stardom after dating England’s star player Jesse Lingard. She was previously in a relationship with celebrity musician Jason Derulo, and they welcomed their first child together in May 2021; however, the couple has since split.

What Happened Between Jena and Jason Derulo?

The performer tweeted, “Jena and I have decided to separate.” “She is an incredible mother, but we feel that being apart will allow us to be the greatest versions of ourselves and the best parents we can be at this moment.”

The two started dating in March 2020.
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