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Are Cely and Justine Still Friends in 2023?

Are Cely and Justine Still Friends 2023

Although the purpose of Love Island is for two lucky individuals to find love in a luxury villa over two weeks, this is not always the case. During the second season of Love Island USA, the friendship between Cely Vazquez and Justine Nbide was the most compelling relationship to watch develop.

Cely left the villa with Johnny Middlebrooks, while Justine won the cash prize with Caleb Corprew. Both women were part of the first group of contestants, and despite minor setbacks, they found love on the show. According to reports, both couples are still together and making plans for the future. Since Johnny and Caleb appeared to get along so well, the couples may continue to socialize after Love Island.

So, do Cely and Justine remain close? They appeared destined for one another.

Who is Cely Vazquez?

Cely Vazquez was born in Sacramento, California on May 23, 1996. She is a reality television star. Cely will be one of the contestants in an American reality show. It is claimed that Cely will participate in the second season of “Love Island USA.”

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As a result of her performances in the television show “Love Island USA,” she would be shown on our screens after August 24, 2020. It is believed that Cely is a legal secretary. She was also the previous captain of her high school’s cheerleading group. Regarding her personal life, she is now single. She is seeking a relationship and participates in a CBS dating reality show.

Are Cely and Justine Still Friends 2023?

Although they are no longer roommates at the Cromwell Hotel in Las Vegas, Justine Ndiba and Cely Vazquez have indicated their desire to continue their strong friendship. After the second season of Love Island USA ended, Justine opened out to E! News about her relationship with Sam.

Unlike everyone else I’ve ever met, Cely is utterly unique. Having her there and being able to talk to her as if she were a sister or best friend from home helped me get through some of the tough times I faced in jail. When I asked her when she said October of 2020, and we hit it off immediately and brilliantly.

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Justine claims that after moving out of the villa, their friendship has become “more real.” Cely accepted, stating that their “Celine” friendship would continue even after the season had concluded.

If given the choice, American viewers would have voted for Cely and Justine, according to Cely. We should have won it all, she said. You could say, “She’s my type, man. Without her, my experience on Love Island would have been considerably less satisfying. She just blew me away. The Bond Between Justine and Cely Is Solid.

Is There Anything Justine Hates About Cely?

It’s safe to say that Cely Vazquez was the person who kept the Season 2 Love Island USA villa together and who everyone turned to for support when they were having relationship problems. She also made sure that the contestants had something to look forward to in the downtime between tasks and recoupling ceremonies by planning activities like “aqua aerobics” and hosting spontaneous dance parties and sing-alongs in the glam room.

When Cely wanted to rouse up the rest of the Islanders, she would chant and bang on pots and pans. Justine Ndiba cares about her pal, but not that much. The winner of Love Island USA Season 2 told E! News that it was a relief to wake up in a hotel instead of the villa right after the final recoupling ceremony.

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“I have to confess, waking up in a room that wasn’t shared with her this morning was a welcome change. There won’t be any morning beatings with pots and pans. Yes, the respite was much needed and appreciated. She instead pleasantly knocked on my door “Friend, Justine remarked.

It’s likely that, unlike the happily-married couples that leave the villa together, the secret to keeping this friendship strong will be spending meaningful time apart (or at least not sharing a room).

Frequently Asked Questions…

What is Love Island’s Cely Doing Now?

Currently, Cely is a singer and model. She frequently promotes her music on media such as Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify. In June 2022, she uploaded the debut music video for her song “What You Playin’ For” to her YouTube channel.

Are Cely and Justine Still Close Companions?

Justine and Cely continue to explore their friendship outside the villa in 2022, even though none of the top four final couples have lasted long-term.

What is Justine Ndiba’s Occupation?

Justine reportedly works as a billing coordinator and a dancer when she is not seeking love on the island.

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