Are American bishops forbidding pagan unity?

The Vatican has urged American bishops to be cautious in dealing with Catholic politicians over the moral doctrine of the Church. The appeal is being interpreted as an attempt to prevent President Joe Biden from gaining communism..

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Biden insisted on an abortion, and the priest denied him sacred communion. “He who supports abortion puts himself outside the teachings of the Church.”

Biden’s presidency is a test for American bishops. A similar situation may await the Polish bishops

Biden’s presidency raises a serious dilemma for U.S. bishops. “It depends on the evangelical credibility of the church they lead.”

An important letter to the President of the American Episcopal Conference

Archbishop Jose H. Snyder, President of the Conference of American Bishops. The U.S. and Italian media have reported that Gomez was sent by Cardinal Louis Lataria, chairman of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

It would be confusing to give the impression that abortion and euthanasia are the only serious problems of Catholic moral and social teachings that require the highest responsibility on the part of Catholics.

– Became President of the Vatican Council.

Courier Della Cera writes daily on Tuesday that Cardinal Lataria’s letter was seen as “an attempt to prevent American bishops from accepting a document on the nature of the campaign.” As he points out, its purpose is to deter Catholic politicians who are advocates of abortion laws and, above all, to prevent President Biden from gaining favor.

Sections in the American Episcopate

The divisions in the American episcopate, which deepened during Donald Trump’s presidency, appeared in full force after Biden’s election, when he was attacked by Archbishop Gomez, a representative of the conservative faction in the church hierarchy. The day he took office as President. Cardinal Place Kubich, the metropolitan of Chicago, who is considered close to Pope Francis, opposed this position.

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Biden is the second Catholic president in American history after John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He personally declares himself against abortion, but supports laws in favor of the right to choose.

On March 30, Archbishop Gomez told the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith that he would like to vote during the Episcopal meeting on June 16 on a document refusing to grant communion to politicians who support the abortion law.

A letter from the Vatican is seen as an attempt to stop this practice. Cardinal Lataria recalled that a year ago the council recommended dialogue to protect the unity of the Episcopal Conferences in the face of differences on controversial topics.

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