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Sequel Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom: Release Date And More

Sequel Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom: Release Date And More

Superhero movies are the best kind of movies and you will surely agree to this. One of the American superhero movies from the DC Comics ‘Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom’ will soon hit your screens. The leading role in the movie is Aquaman. Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom is the sequel of Aquaman that was released back in 2018. The movie is based on the characters from DC Comics and is directed by James Wan.

When it was released in 2018 did quite well and during that phase, DC was not doing well. The sales of the DC were low and then Aquaman was released due to which DC gained numerous appreciations. Fans were crazy about the Aquaman movie. We know that there are numerous Marvel and DC fans out there. If I talk about me whenever a new movie from Marvel is out that gives tickles and excitement in my tummy.

Earlier warn was not ready for a sequel but after witnessing the audience’s response he geared himself and decided to come with a sequel. Now it is confirmed that the second movie will hit your screens but so much information is still unveiled. Till now Wan has shared few details and here we are going to discuss the same. Some of the crucial pieces of information are mentioned at the end so keep reading.

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Confirmed The Released Date

As we know that a lot of information is not yet confirmed but still we know the confirmed release date. Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom will hit your screens next year. It is quite rare that the release date of movies is out so soon. The confirmed date is 16 December 2022. We know that it is quite far away and we all have to wait for it. But we will keep on updating all the information as soon as possible.

Who will be returning in Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom?

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom will come back with almost all the cast members of the first movie. All the leading superheroes will return. In 2018 when Aquaman was released the cast was one of the main factors for its success. Here are the names of characters who will return:

  • The main character Aquaman aka Arthur Curry will be played by Jason Momoa.
  • The role of Mera will be played by Amber Heard
  • Ocean Master or Orm Marius enacted by Patrick Wilson
  • Black Manta or David Kane by Yahya Abdul-Mateen 2
  • King Nereus by Dolph Lundgren
  • Thomas Curry by Temuera

When it’s about DC perfect cast is assured.

Takeaway: Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom

This is all that we know about Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom. The movie is still under production and the release date is out so early. If things go well the movie will release on the confirmed date. But still, nobody knows what happens next so you all stay tuned with us for updated information.

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