Apple’s M1 Macs kill my Huckintosh

It is hailed as the forward leap for Apple’s M1 chip Max. But it was death to my Huckintosh.


One of my favorite goofy toys is going to turn into a monument, and it’s Apple’s fault.

Back in 2016, I was frustrated Apple has not been updated Its Mac Mini, IMac or Mac Pro Computers in at least a year. The company pays for new iPhones, iPods, airbots and MacBooks at regular speeds, I had at least one in each. Desktop Macs do not attract the same attention.

For the next several years I wanted a low cost multipurpose machine that could work and trust the game. If at that time Apple had reduced the desired 99 499 starting price for its Mac Mini computers I would have paid the full amount for a machine that is more than two years old. Not right.

So I decided to do one of the best things a tech Apple user can do: i Created a PC.

I bought the storage drive, computer memory and all the parts I needed A graphics card. Next, I combine them together with a common look. I was tricked into running Apple’s MacOS software.

The plan took about $ 800, several nights on the computer code, and two bangs of frustration on my keyboard, but in the end I did it.


Apple’s 99 699 M1-powered Mac Mini is an inexpensive machine with surprisingly fast chips.

And Ackerman / CNET.

I changed my DIY system In a hackindosh.

This is not something that Apple supports, it may violate MacOS software license terms. (Apple declined to comment on this article.) But the end result was a desktop Mac computer in my terms. I wrestled control from Apple.

What’s more, I felt like a winner. During the day, I go to work between my MacBook Air and Huckintosh, using all the special Mac software I came to trust Keep track of the lists I have to make, Manage my calendars and find clever GIFs to use in passive habits.

At night, I switched from Hakintosh to Microsoft’s Windows, which powers more than 73% of the world’s computers. That’s the only way to be well respected Virtual reality Games like Wolverine science fiction shooter Half-life: Alix, Which is named after the CNET sister site GameSpot Game of the Year For 2020.

If some elements like video card are not enough, I can Upgrade the engine With little hassle. Nert heaven.

Unfortunately, this summer Apple CEO Tim Cook He said his company went virtual, livestream Max was always changing. Their microprocessor brain, previously manufactured by chipmaker Intel, was replaced with Apple Custom designed M1 chips instead. Apple has said it will do this because the technology behind its iPhones and iPods is more suited to Mac computers than the Intel processors Apple has been using to run the Mac since 2006.

“Improvements of this magnitude only come from making bold changes,” Cook said Apple has announced that its first M1 powered devices will go on sale in November.

I am currently playing:
Notice this:

The new M1 Macs are the biggest change for Apple


Those were the first M1 Maxes MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro and Mac Mini, And they each received good marks from the reviewers. Says CNET commentator Dan Ackerman They perform much better than their predecessors, Even better than the previously released Intel-based Max in 2020.

Unfortunately for me and many hackneyedos, you Can’t buy Apple’s M1 chips Your own. That means I can’t plug them into my computer and run Apple’s MacOS software.

Apple says its transition from Intel will take about two years. A few years after that, the company is expected to stop developing software for the Mac running Intel.

At that point, my Huckintosh dream is officially over.

How infamous Apple is Control what it pays for on its devices. If you do not go through Apple’s App Store, you will not be able to download iPhone or iPad apps, where each program will be reviewed by the company before being downloaded.

No wonder Apple is still keeping a tight grip on its computers. But it still saddens me to see Hakinthos go.

So I finally decided to create an emergency. The smallest fake apple I can collect.

A hobby and a labor


Hackers have been working with MacOS for more than a decade on PCs powered by Intel and Intel-inspired AMD chips.


Over the past few years it has become much easier to put together a hackintosh. This is largely thanks to active communities filled with excellent hacking tools and people who want to help. Some of them write Step-by-step guides With lists of what parts you can buy, how to configure them and what to do when they do not work.

One of the posts I relied on Mycola Grimaul, A 20-year-old college student studying computer science in Canada (what else?). He landed in Huckindosh by his own stepmother. At one point, he saw Grimaul recovering from a medical episode that had a lot of time on his hands.

“I was constantly in a hospital bed, I couldn’t walk much, I couldn’t really do much, I just felt kind of useless,” Grimaul said. “But the Huckintosh community needs to do something for me.”

He noticed that there weren’t many updated or comprehensive guides to help people create hackintos, so he decided to write some of his own. First, he created a list of video cards that work best with Apple’s software. He wrote about how to change your computer bits to make everything better. That would be very helpful to me, he said Developed comprehensive guides Setting up a hackintosh at the beginning will help you understand the applications and processes that need to be followed.

“It spun from there,” he said.

Earlier this year, he linked his works to a website he co-created Tortania. It was named after a flower, so obscure, he believed the website could easily shoot into Google’s top link (it did). There are no ads on the site, and He did not ask for any money. He encourages people to donate Crohn’s and colitis Canada.


Creating a custom computer has advantages such as being able to customize memory and graphics. It is upgradeable.

Andrew Hoyle / CNET

Just as Grimaluque is moving away from his Hackintosh instruction guides, he knows that Apple’s M1 chips will be finished in five years. By then, he expects all Mac and Mac apps to be converted to Apple chips. At that point, Apple will gradually launch software updates for Intel based computers because it will not sell anyway.

As a self-interested fan of Apple products, Grimauque recently said that it helps people run old Mac software on newer computers, and helps others run newer Apple software on older Macs.

All of this knowledge is his dream to write documents for other technology products. He wants to help people understand the intricacies of what makes their computers easier, whether they are developed by Apple or not.

“I want to teach, not just come to an end,” he said. “I want people to maintain their machines. If you know what breaks, how it breaks, what to fix, ‘Wow, I can maintain this machine myself. I don’t need outside help.’

My last hackindosh


It may be significantly uglier than a Mac, but it runs Apple’s software.

Ian Sher

I was inspired to create my latest Huckintosh because of the M1 Max. I decided to build a machine with the latest microprocessor brains and twice as much storage as 1 Terabyte I use today. To ensure that it works easily with MacOS, I also chose a similar AMD graphics card as the latest Mac Pro computers. I wanted to make sure that this machine would at least suit my needs for the next several years.

If I get stuck, I am grateful to have the community of hackindosers to fix any bugs. Websites such as Crimean Luke’s Tortania, Reddit’s Huckintosh Community And tonymacx86 Are still popular. The same is true of YouTube channels Snasy Labs, Which discusses hackindoses Every often. When Apple released its first M1 computers in November, there was a lot of interest in these communities – because people were curious about how hockeydoshers were being prepared when the MacOS was no longer running on Intel chips.

“The global community of active hackers is still growing,” Tonimax 86 said. The username and the person behind the website wants to remain anonymous in order to avoid excessive fans and opponents.

According to Tonimax 86, websites and guides will pay tribute to the more than a decade that people have spent creating these Frankenstein-SQ machines after Apple completely disconnected the Hintosh. They will become support communities for people who like their computers in the past to have time to get any software updates from Apple.

I will be doing hackintoshing at that time. Someday, I will know that the machine I built cannot run MacOS smoothly. When that time comes, I will have to rely more on the Mac laptops I have, or buy a new desktop from Apple.

By then, Apple’s computers will not be as disappointing as they were when I started.

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