Ao Ashi Season 2 Release Date: When Is Season 2 Coming Out? Here’s You Can Know About Where to Watch Season 2!

ao ashi season 2 release date

NHK Educational TV has been showing a popular show for the past few weeks. Fans of Ao Ashi are almost ready for the last episode of the first season, and they are already looking forward to the second season. This article has everything you need to know about the next season of Ao Ashi, a popular anime show. If you want to know more about season 2 of Ao Ashi, read our article all the way to the end.

What Is Ao Ashi About?

The protagonist of the anime series Ao Ashi is a local hero in a sleepy Japanese village. Ashito Aoi is a soccer player at his junior high school who stands out for being wildly unpredictable. However, despite his remarkable abilities, he has a tendency to put himself first.

ao ashi season 2 release date

The other team was able to get Ashito angry during one of the most important games for the school. This got him kicked out of the game because he could see that his team was going to lose the tournament quickly. As a result, Ashito gave up on being a good soccer player after his team lost.

A youth team coach named Tatsuya Fukuda, on the other hand, sees Ashito’s potential and invited him to try out in Tokyo. In that way, Ashito is in an unfamiliar place where he has to do his best. On top of that, he has to get rid of the selfish way he played soccer in junior high school if he wants to be a successful soccer player and change his life.

When Is Ao Ashi Season 2 Coming Out?: Release Date

The first season of Ao Ashi is almost over, but people want the second season more and more. We won’t know if Ao Ashi will come back for a second season until the show is officially renewed. We might see the second season of the anime series Ao Ashi come out in 2023.

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Expected Plot of Season 2 of Ao Ashi

We don’t know where the second season of Ao Ashi could go because we don’t know how many manga chapters it could adapt. Because we don’t know much about the show in general, we have no idea how far the second season might go, if it happens at all. Here is a general summary of how the show goes.

ao ashi season 2 release date

Ao Ashi tells the story of young Ashito Aoi in his third year at Ehime City Middle School and his first meeting with football coach Tatsuya Fukuda. Ashito is smart, but he is a hard-to-get-along-with kid. Fukuda, however, believes in him and asks him to join his own team. This kid could change the way football is played in Japan.

Cast List of Season 2

We still don’t know if there will be a second season of Ao Ashi, so it’s too early to talk about the cast and characters of a possible second season. But since we know the show’s cast will stay pretty much the same, we don’t think there will be too many changes to the way season two is put together, if it ever comes to pass. Now, here are the main characters from season one who is likely to be back for season two:

  • Ashito Aoi
    Voiced by: Kōki Ohsuzu; Ciaran Strange
  • Eisaku Ohtomo
    Voiced by: Tatsumaru Tachibana; Christopher Llewyn Ramirez
  • Sōichirō Tachibana
    Voiced by: Seiichirō Yamashita; Clifford Chapin
  • Keiji Togashi
    Voiced by: Taku Yashiro; Marcus D. Stimac
  • Kanpei Kuroda
    Voiced by: Shun Horie; Ry McKeand
  • Jun Martis Asari
    Voiced by: Wataru Katō; Mitchell Stephens
  • Yūma Motoki
    Voiced by: Junya Enoki; Ricco Fajardo
  • Ryūichi Takeshima
    Voiced by: Kentarō Kumagai
  • Tatsuya Fukuda
    Voiced by: Chikahiro Kobayashi; Eric Vale
  • Nagisa Akutsu
    Voiced by: Shunsuke Takeuchi; Brienne Olvera
  • Haruhisa Kuribayashi
    Voiced by: Yūichirō Umehara
  • Hana Ichijō
    Voiced by: Maki Kawase; Marisa Duran
  • Nozomi Date
    Voiced by: Hiroki Yasumoto; Robert McCollum
  • Anri Kaidō
    Voiced by: Reina Ueda; Molly Zhang
  • Taira Nakamura
    Voiced by: Kensho Ono; Jason Liebrecht
  • Yōichi Kiriki
    Voiced by: Koki Uchiyama
  • Eita Takasugi
    Voiced by: Makoto Furukawa; Christopher Wehkamp
  • Kenta Yoshitsune
    Voiced by: Kazuyuki Okitsu; David Matranga
  • Aoi Kaneko
    Voiced by: Mikako Komatsu; Giovannie Cruz
  • Noriko Aoi
    Voiced by: Mie Sonozaki; Monica Rial
  • Shun Aoi
    Voiced by: Yoshiki Nakajima; Blake McNama

Is There a Trailer for Season 2?

Now that you know all the facts and our opinions about Ao Ashi Season 2, you can probably figure out on your own that there is no trailer for the second season. This is because we don’t know if there will even be a second season of the show. If there isn’t a second season, there might not even be a trailer. But from what we know so far, this doesn’t seem like a likely outcome.

ao ashi season 2 release date

We’ve already said that Ao Ashi is a likely person to come back. Professional skaters and the otaku community have both said good things about anime. It is also very popular, and the manga is still being published. After that, we have to wait and see if there are real plans for a continuation before we can make a good guess.

Taking everything we’ve said into account, it’s unlikely that a trailer for Ao Ashi will come out this year or the next. We could see a trailer as early as 2024, but we would need to know for sure that there will be a second season sometime in 2023.

Will There Be an Ao Ashi Season 3?

Right now, nobody knows what will happen to Ao Ashi. At the moment, we don’t know much about a second season, so we don’t know if there will be a third season or not. Fans of Ao Ashi should be happy to hear that the series has done well and that there is still a lot of material to adapt. Depending on how the second season of Ao Ashi goes, the show could be picked up for a third season.

Ao Ashi Season 2 Rating & Reviews


MyAnimeList gave Ao Ashi a 7.6 rating, while IMDb gave it an 8.5 rating. On April 9, 2022, the first episode of Ao Ashi came out. The people who watched it liked it, and the story seemed to be a good one.


The storyline is interesting. Aoashi is one of the best Spring 2022 sports anime shows, along with Blue Lock and Captain Tsubasa. Since it is based on real manga stories, it even looks like a professional animation.

It talks about how the youth of a Japanese candidate changes into a beautiful child. The voices of the characters are great. I don’t think it has as much heart and excitement as other sports anime. If they could make the fights more exciting, it could be up there with the best.

Where to Watch Season 2 

As expected, there is no way to watch season two of Ao Ashi right now because there is no season two to watch. Crunchyroll, the best anime site on the Internet, streamed the first season all over the world, so it is likely that a second season would also be streamed by Crunchyroll.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Ao Ashi Available for Free to Watch?

No, this show can’t be watched for free. You need a subscription to NHK Educational TV to watch all of the old seasons. But there are many free sites where you can watch videos online.


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