Angola seeks closer ties with US to change tradition of slavery – Observer

The Angolan government and the American Chamber of Commerce (US) in Angola on Monday stressed the need to “reunite” the African continent with the US to cure the tragic past of slavery.

Angola's Foreign Minister Ted Antonio said in a statement Webinar Regarding the legacy of slavery for Africans and African-Americans, it is considered "the foundation for greater synergy and goodwill between Angola and the American Brotherhood." Ted Antonio underlined Angola's contribution is “close and deep cooperation In key areas such as agribusiness, education, health, tourism, services ”.

The statements were made at the end of a hybrid meeting (virtual and face-to-face) from Luanda and Washington, underlining a close relationship between Neil Breslin, executive director of the US Chamber of Commerce in Angola. Both countries It could open up opportunities for American investors in Angola.

Through the "spirit" of "two continents, one people", Neil Breslin recalled that there were studies that "up to 25% of Americans who identify themselves as descendants of Africans may have come from Angola." The number of Americans with Angola roots could reach 12 million.

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Minister of Culture, Tourism and the Environment Jomo Fortunado recalled that the slave trade was started in the United States in 1619 by "the greatest tragedy in human history, its duration, breadth, cruelty and pronounced exploitation". Mandatory visit of 20 Angolans to Jamestown, Virginia.

Professor Fernando Manuel, a professor at the Foreign Ministry's Diplomatic Academy, described the arrival of the first 20 Angolans in the United States as a "treasure kept under lock and key" between the two countries. .

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In 1993, the Minister of Culture, Tourism and the Environment declared that diplomatic relations between Angola and the United States "have not yet explored the historical and cultural aspects that have united these peoples and nations for four centuries." "Wide spread and promotion". “Bilateral cooperation, especially between cultural and scientific research institutions, is important,” Jomo Fortunado declared.

Joaquim Doe Espirito Santo, Ambassador of the United States to Angola The "good moment" in relations between the two countries ended the "cycle of tragedy and injustice", To open the doors to the “relationship of freedom and hope”.

Angola is one of Africa's major slave export zones, Commemorated Vladimiro Fortuna, director of the National Slave Museum, by the action of the Portuguese settlers.

Wanda Tucker, an American of Angolan descent who first became enslaved to the United States 402 years ago, pointed out that knowledge of African-American slavery was limited to the story of European colonialists, but did not notice the impact of slavery on vulnerable people and Africans. The university professor said the description sets aside "a lot of context, history, knowledge of enslaved Angolans about the past of Angolan descendants" and "all the wealth".

When he visited Angola a few years ago, Wanda Tucker was pleasantly surprised to find an unknown cultural treasure, and was marked by the phrase of a village headman in the municipality of Cantula. "When I asked what the news was to my family in the United States, the village headman, a descendant of Angolans, told them: & # 39; You have family members here & # 39; "" I was shocked, "said Wanda Tucker:" They never forgot about us [descendentes de africanos na América], But we forget them, ”he lamented.

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