Angola – Energy controversy loses in US against Angola

Agerni has suffered a setback in the US and Angola legal battle against the country's government and General Electric, demanding $ 550 million in damages for non-compliance with supply agreements. Maintenance of turbines and power plants in Angola.

On Wednesday, a New York judge decided to dismiss the trial, citing the fact that the court was not sufficient to assess the controversy and referring to it in Angola, the U.S. website La360 reported.

U.S. District Judge John B., who heard the case, said: Cronon, Energy and its Angola subsidiary decided to "subject themselves to Angola law" when doing business with their government in this country. "The courts are trying to get the plaintiffs – even the Americans – to do business in foreign countries and then complain here," the judge wrote in his opinion.

The process predates the relationship between Energy and the Angolan government, which began in 2017, when the energy company was contracted to build and operate several state power plants. The deal was financed by a $ 1.1 billion loan with a General Electric unit, which will provide eight GEs to the plants. Energy was needed to buy the turbines. Angola canceled contracts in 2019, claiming it had damaged Energy GE's credit line to buy four more turbines without approval.

In a lawsuit filed last May, Energy accused GE of falsifying documents to defame Energy and take over its operations. The company alleged that the Angolan government had agreed to the project, thus canceling contracts before full payment and seizing all four turbines.

In his opinion, Judge Energy filed a petition in the Supreme Court of Angola in March, raising further doubts in the argument that Angola is “a difficult forum”. “If they really believe there is no proper process in Angola, plaintiffs are worried about why they should do this,” the judge asked.

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