Andrzej Duda: The government in the United States has changed, but not the policy of keeping one’s word

– Power in the United States has changed, but it is not America’s strategic policy to create security zones and keep the word associated with it. President Andrzej Duda said after the B-9 summit in Bucharest that President Joe Biden reaffirms NATO’s commitment to our countries.

In a joint speech with Romanian President Glas Iones, President Duda stressed that the presence of the US President at the B-9 summit shows that “Euro-Atlantic ties are still alive”.

– The interest of the President of the United States in our meeting, as an ally, as a member of the North Atlantic Alliance, as the largest military within the Alliance (…), as Commander-in-Chief of this Army, makes it clear that Euro-Atlantic cooperation, in its most comprehensive aspect, is actually alive in the eastern part of the North Atlantic Alliance, That is, he stressed that only part of Europe, in addition, is a distance from the United States.

The President assessed that the presence of the US President could be seen as “a totally visible indication of America’s serious concern for our region and our security in Europe.” At the same time, he drew attention to an excerpt from Joe Biden’s speech on Monday, in which the US president strongly emphasized both “the 5th Amendment is in place in preparation for joint security” and “the physical presence of the United States troops in the eastern part of NATO, and therefore in our countries.”

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In this context, Duda noted that – as he puts it – “there are various discussions going on about the existence of the United States” and recalled the joint actions with the Romanian president in recent years.

– There are various rumors that the United States will continue to withdraw. I would like to emphasize one thing for analysis to everyone who discusses it. (…) In 2014, there was no US military presence in this part of Europe, and the North Atlantic Alliance troops were not here, except for our own troops, of course, members of the North Atlantic Alliance at the time, but not here. President of Bucharest (Romania) This presence is the result of our cooperation and work with the President to create the design of Bucharest Nine, which visited here in 2015. The arrangements we then made and then we brought to the NATO Summit in Warsaw in 2016 – to work on it all the time – Tuda insisted.

It was during President Barack Obama’s “democratic” administration that Andrzej Duda recalled that “during the presidency, the US presence in the United States and the US presence in the East, of course, was made in the presence of NATO in the East.” These results were consistently confirmed and then the next US President Donald Trump and his Republicans. President Duda pointed out that they were expanded under the party administration.

– So the government in the United States changed, the strategic policy of the United States continued in this area at all times, such as the creation of security zones and the observance of the word of the Allies. Today we have another US administration, the Democratic leader of the United States is back, President Joe Biden, who attended the Nine Summit in Bucharest, reaffirms NATO’s commitment to our countries, reaffirms the US presence in our region of Europe – Duda stressed.

He noted that the presence of NATO Secretary-General on the B-9 “clearly shows the value of our cooperation as part of the North Atlantic Alliance in this part of Europe.”

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