Android 12 gets the biggest design change ever!

The Google Developer Conference is already on the horizon. Having said that, there are several things that we will be able to see at this event. It starts on May 18 and ends on the 20th. It’s a virtual event that everyone can watch, and Android 12. One of the highlights is without a doubt. If we’ve already seen a few things here and there, today we learned about major graphics changes thanks to a last-minute leak from Front Page Tech’s John Prosser. In it we can see some tools and animations as well. Google makes small changes to Android’s design every year. However, he has redesigned some elements and added new animations. They did it again this year, but in a big way. In fact, Android 12 might have the biggest design changes ever!

Android 12: Watch out, these are the new design changes!

To start, there’s a new Music widget in the notification bar, along with redesigned buttons for enabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. We also have a new sound slider, redesigned notifications, a new clock widget, and also for the weather. However, there is also other news.

According to Prosser, Android 12 will be basically betting on a new interface. Consequently, we will have a keyboard, app icons, and other interface elements that contribute to a consistent design throughout the system. According to the promotional video, you can also group notifications, even in different apps.

Android 12 design

However, the lock screen also appears to have a larger clock that can be customized. Plus, everything will be optimized to work better with just one hand. In fact, this would be a point of honor for the new Android 12.

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One thing is for sure, Android 12 appears to be the biggest revolution ever in terms of graphics and I’m personally curious to know what we’re going to find.

Android 12 design

Meanwhile, given everything you know so far, are you looking forward to Android 12? Tell us everything in the comments.


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