Why Johnny Deep Threaten to Kill Amber Heard? 


Johnny Depp’s Amber Alert was issued by her.

While Amber Heard’s legal struggle may be over, she’s not ready to let up just yet: If Johnny Depp has a problem with her bombshell NBC “Dateline” appearance, in which she doubles back on charges that he assaulted her, she’s dared him to do his own interview.

In the hours leading up to her dramatic interview with Savannah Guthrie on “Today,” Heard, 36, issued the dare.

According to a statement from Heard’s rep, “If Mr. Depp or his team have a problem with this, we recommend that Johnny sit down with Savannah Guthrie for one hour and answer all of her questions.”

Heard had previously been seen in a 20-minute preview piece on Peacock handing up medical paperwork that “represented years, years of real-time explanations” to NBC, which led to these further remarks.

There is a binder full of notes dating back to 2011 that were taken by my doctor, who I was reporting the abuse to, Heard said Guthrie in a segment. A lifetime’s worth of explanations for what was going on were included within her notebooks.

Why Johnny Deep Threaten to Kill Amber Heard? 

According to “Dateline,” Depp “struck her, shoved her against a wall, and threatened to kill her” in 2012.

In 2013, Depp allegedly “threw her against a wall and threatened to kill her”

In Heard’s highly publicised trial, the judge ruled that the documents were “hearsay.”

Depp’s spokesman told “Dateline” that the “Donnie Brasco” star wants to move on after winning the slander case.

How Much Johnny Deep was awarded in a slander suit?

According to a statement, “It’s unfortunate that while Johnny is looking forward to moving forward with his life, the defendant and her team are back to repeating, reimagining and relitigating matters that have already been decided by the court and a verdict that was unanimously and unequivocally decided by the jury in Johnny’s favour”.

He was awarded $10 million earlier this month in a slander suit. Actress Amber Heard has been convicted of defaming Johnny Depp in an op-ed that was published in 2018 by The Washington Post. One of Depp’s lawyers was found guilty of defamation by the jury, but just $2 million in damages were granted. Experts, on the other hand, predict that the actress will have to pay nothing for a long time.

Why amber heard losing slander trial testimony?

She “stands [by] every word]” she uttered in her losing slander trial testimony,” Heard said in Tuesday’s interview teaser.

Despite the grave allegations of abuse she made at Depp, the actress stated that she “definitely” still loves the “Finding Neverland” star.

Johnny Depp was “the best thing that ever happened to me,” the actress from “Rum Diary” remarked of Depp. “I did my best to salvage a shattered relationship, but I was unsuccessful.” “I have no ill will or nasty feelings against him.”


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