Alone Season 8: Release Date, Plot, Cast and Trailer

Alone Season 8

It appears to be a formidable undertaking to someone who hasn’t had any survival training. However, it appears to be a walk in the park when compared to History’s “Alone.” “Alone,” which has aired for seven seasons, ups the ante by isolating all of the players totally.

Alone Season 8

On “Survivor,” contestants are at least assigned to tribes where they can rely on others for some assistance.

Not so much in “Alone,” when the characters are given a limited supply of supplies and must try to make it work in some of the world’s most desolate environments. There isn’t even a camera crew to provide some humanity to the situation.

It’s one of the most extreme challenges ever seen on television, but it’s all for a chance to win $1 million. Here’s what to expect from Season 8 of “Alone.”

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When Will Alone Season 8 Be Released?

A new season of “Alone” will premiere on History in June 2021, according to the network’s website. This is in accordance with the show’s previous seasons, which all premiered in the summer.

Alone Season 8

Filming typically begins in the autumn, so it makes sense from a production standpoint. The theory is that because the participants only have a short window before winter arrives, it will either cull out the weak or persuade them to reinforce their accommodations before it becomes too cold outside.

Because a victor is usually selected within two to three months of a season beginning, a June release date has been excellent for editing.

It’s unclear whether the COVID-19 pandemic had any effect on production, but if anything, this is one program that’s pretty much immune to pandemics.

Because all of the participants are almost quarantined because they aren’t even close to one other, it appears like everything has stayed on track throughout the last year.

Who Could Be in the Cast of Alone Season 8?

Except for season 4, which featured 14 contestants teamed up into seven teams, every season of ‘Alone’ features ten contestants competing to survive the harsh circumstances of the wilderness.

Alone Season 8

The seventh season features Shawn Helton, Keith Syers, Correy Hawk, Joel Van Der Loon, Mark D’Ambrosio, Amós Rodriguez, Callie Russell, Joe Nicholas, Roland Welker, and Kielyn Marrone.

Roland Welker was crowned the season 7 winner after surviving in the wild for 100 days. If the eighth season is confirmed, we may expect a new crop of fearless and capable contestants.

What May Season 8 of Alone Be About?

The show is about surviving on the bare necessities for a set period of time in a distant corner of the world. Whoever survives the longest among the ten contenders is deemed the season’s winner.

Survival is difficult when resources are scarce and food sources are limited. To protect themselves from the harsh weather and wild animals, each participant builds a shelter out of anything they can find.

They can, however, “tap out” if they need to leave the show for any reason, including extreme weight loss, injuries, frostbite, ill health, or even homesickness.

The participants must also go through frequent medical screenings, and if they are deemed medically unsuitable to continue, they are tapped out. The candidates in Season 7 competed for $1 million and had to reach the 100-day milestone.

The Great Slave Lake in Canada was used to film the seventh season. If and when the show returns for season 8,  we may see the contestants in a whole different location, with increased prize money.

Where Will Alone Season 8 Take Place?

“Alone” has taken spectators all around the world for seven seasons to see how ten survivalists cope with adversity. Several seasons have seen racers drop out in a remote part of British Columbia, but others have persevered in Mongolia and Argentina.

Season 8 appears to be returning to its roots, with characters being dropped off near Chilko Lake in British Columbia.

Season 8 of Alone Trailer


With its eighth season, the popular reality show Alone is about to return. Human survival instincts are put to the test in this show, which pushes them to their limits. The competition’s prior season took place in the farthest reaches of the wilderness.

During the coronavirus outbreak, the show gained a lot of attention. The spectacle transported the audience to a long-ago era when humanity was not yet civilized. The vintage competition exhibition is held in various wild locations across the world.

Canada, Vancouver Island, Nahuel Huapi National Park, northern Mongolia, and the Great Slave Lake were all featured in the previous season. Season 7 was filmed entirely in Canada. Season 8 of the show will be set in an entirely new setting.


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