Alex Patila: Kevin NewSom elects California Secretary of State to fill Kamala Harris’ Senate seat

“His appointment will make history. But I know பா Alex Patila 4CA is very interested in changing history – especially for working men and women in our state and country.” Newsom tweeted Tuesday. “I can’t think of anyone else to represent the state of California as our next U.S. senator.”

Newsom extended the opportunity to Patila in a video conversation he posted on his tweet. After the two talked about Patila’s parents who emigrated to the United States, Patila sighed as he said he would “completely” accept the position.

“I am honored, man, I am humbled because of them,” says Patila.

Patila, 47, was California Democrat senator before serving as mayor of Los Angeles City Council and state senator. Diane began as Feinstein’s assistant. Patila, who has served as Secretary of State since 2015, was responsible for the unprecedented task of sending mail-in votes to more than 22 million registered voters, which led to a record turnout this year.

Representatives for the appointment were attended by several federal, state and local officials, including Karen Boss, Barbara Lee and Katie Porter, Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, pro-state Senate Tempor Tony Atkins and Lieutenant Cove Eleni. Koun nalagis. The California Legislature Black Caucasus and other groups pushed Harris to replace Boss and Lee, noting that there would be no other black women in the room next year when he leaves the Senate.

Patila, a graduate in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was born in Mexico and had many supporters, including Bolt PAC and Feinstein of the Hispanic Caucasus Congress.

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In a recent interview, Patila told CNN that the state’s first Latin senator would be “a historic milestone” and that California’s “rich diversity” is certainly “one of the many things the governor will consider when making this decision.”

“A lot of people are excited about a potential at first,” he said.

After handling the LA budget after 9/11, Patila was chairman of the state Senate committee on energy and telecommunications, and Patila told CNN that he was well prepared to serve in the Senate despite defending the integrity of the ballot box in the midst of an epidemic.

“There is no internship training here,” Patila said.

His long-term relationship with the governor may have helped.

Newsom has come to this conclusion at a crucial moment in the face of health, the economy, housing and climate crises and its own political future. Both the California governor and Patila will run in the election.

This story has been updated with additional background information.

CNN ‘s Veronica Straculoscio contributed to the report.

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