Alabama’s Nick Saban tests positive for COVID-19, will not be Iron Bowl clash coach with Auburn

Alabama Coach Nick Saban tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday morning. He is experiencing mild symptoms – “a runny nose” – who will not be on the field as the No. 1 Crimson Tide coach on Saturday, when they face the 22nd Auburn in the Iron Bowl (3:30 pm CBS).

Saban pointed out that attacking coordinator Steve Sarkisian will play a superior role in the game as Saban is unlikely to be allowed to interact with anyone on the team’s side during the game.

This is the second time this season that Saban has tested positive for COVID-19. He did a positive test before the Alabama game Georgia Last month but was asymptomatic. Saban was eventually allowed to train for the game against the Bulldogs after being tested negative three times, indicating that the initial test was a false positive.

At this point, the Alabama team of physicians’ report acknowledged that “this test cannot be classified as a false positive.”

“We hated this situation, but as I have said many times before you can overcome obstacles this year and our players are very mature in doing that,” Saban said. “So, we want to do the best we can, they have a good team, they play well now, so it will be a challenge for us. We have the best product and put our players in the best position to succeed successfully.”

Saban said he was the “only person in the entire organization” who tested positive for the project’s in the latest round of testing, but it was not clear whether Saban’s positive test was followed by a lack of contact staff or staff.

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“We really practice social tracking, social exclusion, everything we need to do to stay safe,” Saban said. “We’ve all six feet apart in meetings. We have staff meetings in large rooms. Everyone needs, we all wear masks. Players all wear masks at meetings. I can not really say what will be decided based on that .But based on how we manage the internal affairs of the building, I can not see any problem with the coaches and the players. But it is theirs. “

Sarkozy will continue to call plays for Alabama’s offense while carrying out additional duties, Saban said. The 46-year-old former head coach at USC and Washington is the only member to serve on the Alabama field, with the exception of the Division 1 head coaching experience and offensive line coach Kyle Flood, who went 27-24 leading Rudders from 2012-15.

It is not clear where Saban may have been infected with the corona virus, but the positive result came from a PCR test, which he said was a different type of test than the false-positive he received last month.

“I’m not around anyone,” Saban said. “I’m going home, I’m going to the office. I do not know. Sometimes there are some people inside and outside our house, but I do not know how this happened. I do not really know.”

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