What To Do If Al Hosn App Not Working?

Al Hosn App Not Working?

The UAE authorities launched the Al Hosn application to keep track of all people who are getting vaccinated as part of the ongoing vaccination program. Whether you receive one dosage or both doses of the immunizations, it maintains your status up to date.

Al Hosn App Not Working?

However, a flaw was discovered in the last few weeks when some users complained that their program was not updating their status. This prompted officials to address the issue, and they encouraged residents to contact the application’s managers via hotlines.

The Abu Dhabi Public Health Care (ADPHC) has given out stages for consumers who are unsure about their status when checking it. This is being done in confidence with the Abu Dhabi regulator, Development of Health. But what if your app doesn’t provide you with the most up-to-date information?

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Recent Test Findings and Issues With Vaccination Status

Concerns with presenting a person’s vaccination status are among the issues that users have reported. A person may have been properly vaccinated in the UAE, but the information is not reflected in the Al Hosn app.

Al Hosn App Not Working?

In other circumstances, the most recent Covid-19 test result has not been submitted to Al Hosn, and the app status will become grey when the validity expires, indicating that the user is not permitted to enter.

Issues like these, according to Weqaya, a service that raises awareness about Covid-19 rules, can easily be rectified by simply upgrading the Al Hosn app.

That’s because the issue could be caused by a bug or glitch that could be fixed with a software update.

On Thursday, June 17, users reported receiving error warnings after the app received the most recent update.

Phone Number Is Incorrect

The mobile number mentioned in Al Hosn is occasionally wrong.

For some people, this has been solved in the past by taking a PCR test and providing the proper mobile number at the time. This automatically refreshes the system’s number.

It can also be altered for a price of Dh50 ($13.6) on the website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

Vaccination Exemption, Yet Al Hosn Doesn’t Show It?

People must be vaccinated and/or tested for Covid in order to receive a green pass. In some circumstances, people in the UAE are exempt from vaccination, however, this is not indicated in the app. This is something they must apply for.

Exemptions are available by going to the Ministry of Health and Prevention’s website and filling out a form with your Emirates ID number.

If the application is successful, the applicant will be notified through text message. The result will appear on the Al Hosn app automatically. Alternatively, a doctor at a Seha facility can analyze the person seeking the exemption.

The doctor will review the request and provide a medical report for approval to the authorities. If granted, the exemption will display in the Al Hosn app automatically.

The vaccine exemption applies to six classes of persons, according to the Ministry of Health and Prevention. They are as follows:

  • Patients that are currently on Covid-19
  • Pregnant women and children under the age of 12
  • People who have been infected with Covid-19 before, as determined by a medical examination
  • People who have been vaccinated outside of the country
  • Those who are allergic to vaccines or any of their constituents, as well as those who have medical problems that may “interfere with vaccination”

The Al Hosn App Isn’t Operating on iPhone or Android

  • If the app isn’t working on your iPhone or Android device, you should try reinstalling it.
  • Open the app when it has been installed.
  • The program will now seek some rights, such as Bluetooth access and notification access.
  • Allow all of the permissions that the app requires to function properly.
  • I hope this resolves your issue. Because we all know that getting a green permit to check into public areas is a must for all Abu Dhabi citizens.


If the Al Hosn app on your iPhone or Android smartphone isn’t working or opening properly, then the solution listed above is for you. On the 16th of June, the Al Hosn app problem was first noticed.

Until then, the program will continue to display faults to its users. It keeps coming to a halt after displaying “An error has occurred.” The software has also caused problems for several Abu Dhabi customers. But don’t worry, the engineers are always striving to resolve this issue.