‘Aftermath’ Ending Explained: Who Is Haunting The House? Everything You Need To know!


What is the Aftermath Ending? The Aftermath ending is one of the endings in FNAF 2. It can be unlocked by completing all five nights without dying or using a cheat code. This ending shows what happens to the children after they are killed by Freddy, and it also reveals that Purple Guy was responsible for everything.

Who Is Haunting The House?

With a surprising twist, Netflix’s dark horror film based on a real story grips the audience. Discover the truth behind the haunting events here.

The truth is that whatever you make out it to be, it’s anything but supernatural. The film, directed by Peter Winther, follows a married couple who moves into a house with a bloody history. The couple is soon haunted by an inexplicable malevolent force, adding to the difficulties in their already strained marriage.

But what is the real story behind that seemingly supernatural entity? We’ve put together a timeline of the events in the film so you may learn more about your favorite characters. We’ll also answer all of your most pressing queries when it comes to this movie. Warning: ‘Aftermath’ spoilers ahead.

‘Aftermath’ Ending Explained in Detail

The first chapter of this real-life tale begins with a homicide and suicide scene in a home. After being questioned for the umpteenth time, Kevin Dadich and his coworkers from the cleaning business returned to the home the next day to clean it. Kevin is married to Natalie, a fashion designer who is seeking for potential investors for her Boutique.

However, aside from financial difficulties, their marriage is also hampered by another issue. Nick Scott was discovered cheating on his wife, Natalie, with her friend. They struggled to deal with the extramarital relationship, and they sought counseling in order to preserve their marriage. A new environment may provide them with a fresh start, according to the therapist.

Then, in Scene 22, Kevin suggests to Natalie that they buy 992 Hallow Park Way, the murder home where his team had previously cleaned. While they were out, she was hesitant at first, but Kevin was able to persuade her.

They benefit from this by acquiring a great deal since most people avoid crime scene homes. The family of three, including Kevin and Natalie’s dog Odi, moved into the house. Things go from bad to worse for the family when an inexplicable malevolent presence takes hold of the home.

Dani vanishes after seeing her sister Natalie wearing a red dress, prompting the siblings to go deeper into the haunted mansion.

 Natalie is constantly worried for her safety when someone tries to break into the house. Furthermore, when Nick sends Natalie flowers to apologize for his actions, she accuses him of aiding the attackers, worsening their conflict even more.

Nick’s absence only increases Natalie’s anxiety when she finds out that he did not send the flowers! It’s only a short time later that it becomes obvious that ‘something, or someone, is attempting to keep Natalie and Kevin apart.


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What Happened in the Haunted House at Hallow Park Way?

Natalie goes to Claudia (from whom they purchased the home) to seek answers. Claudia explains that the property was formerly hers and her late brother Jay’s. The pair who were discovered murdered at the film’s beginning.

Erin discovered that her husband, Jay, was cheating on her. To get even, she began an affair as well. Nobody knew who the mystery lover was, and I’m not sure why. Despite the fact that Jay and Erin continued to try to mend their relationship, they chose to start again by constructing the house. While Jay footed the bills, Erin built the home from the bottom up.

Claudia, on the other hand, feels that it is more than a passing fancy. She figured out that Erin was up to no good. Though neither she nor anyone else can recall what occurred in the house, Claudia is adamant that Jay is not the sort of person who would commit murder or suicide. There are several anomalies. Despite the fact that he refused to cooperate, the police were not interested in finding out more.

Who Is The Mysterious Man Haunting Natalie And Kevin?

On her way out of the house, Natalie is confronted by Robert. With his abusive language, he threatens Natalie. Odi, the couple’s dog, suddenly dies after being poisoned. Later, Kevin gets afflicted with the same illness. Following a routine check-up, Natalie learns the poison is known as Nerium from a flower that grows in most gardens.

Natalie is attacked by Travis Murray, and Robert Sorrentino’s wife Claudia has proof that he is behind the negative postings that depict Natalie as a lonely wife with BDSM interests.

The cops guessed that Robert wanted to frighten the new couple so they would give up their purchase and allow him to pay off his accumulated debt using the property. Robert was arrested, but the hauntings are not over. Soon, Natalie meets the real malevolent force that has been orchestrating her marriage’s downfall — and he is no ghost.

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Who Is Otto?

Similar to the 2016 movie ‘ , it appeared to be a supernatural horror film until the big reveal. A rail-thin, pale guy is crawling around the house, picking up various objects. The neighbors tried to repair the house’s CCTV system in order to catch the man, but they failed.  She discovered a strange man hiding under her bed in one of the videos.

Otto, the unknown lover of the previous owner Erin, was revealed to be the strange presence. She built the home, and she had a hidden hiding place for him. For the sake of love, Otto gave up his individuality. Otto went crazy when Erin picked her spouse over him.

It was Otto who murdered the pair! It’s possible that Otto’s neurosis was caused by his years of isolation and suffering. When Otto meets Natalie, he is immediately taken with her. He calculates that breaking up Natalie and Kevin’s marriage will cause them to divorce. He wanted to get rid of Kevin so that he could be with Natalie in the house.

Otto kidnaps Natalie and secures her in a concealed storeroom full of CCTV cameras and automatic triggers.

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Is Natalie Alive?

Natalie uses seductive language to entice Otto. When Kevin returns home, Natalie must act quickly to preserve her marriage.  Ergo, the term might be translated as “out of control.” However, this was not an uncommon occurrence. The dog’s heightened awareness and increased aggressiveness is the result of highly-trained search and rescue dogs protecting their handlers from harm during a call. It appears that these canines are transformed by playing scent games like Hide & Seek.

As She managed to break free from her chains after Otto had left. Otto attempts to attack Kevin, but Natalie diverts his attention. The kitchen is the perfect location for a scene like this. With all of the action, it would have been difficult to pull it off in other locations. 00 a.m., just before waking up for school one morning many years ago.

Where is Dani, Natalie’s younger sister?

Dani was one of the first people to be affected by the crime scene at Hallow Park Way. As Dani was feeding Natalie’s dog Odi, she became aware of something else distracting him. She notices the record playing by itself. She decides to go in for a look and is suddenly dragged into the darkness by a seemingly supernatural force, much to her surprise.

Dani van der Stegen is subsequently lost. After he returns home, Nicky chains Natalie in the secret room. When Kevin later discovers her corpse, while Otto locks Natalie in the hidden chamber. Ryan believes that Joe has kidnapped Natalie.

Ryan searches the house for Natalie. He saw a figure on the mattress. Kevin believes it’s Natalie when he sees her, so he gets under the covers, but it turns out to be Dani! Dani has been dead a long time. After discovering his presence in the wardrobe, she most likely murdered him.

What Is Natalie and Kevin’s Future After Otto’s Attacked?

The film’s epilogue, which is set one month later, shows Natalie and Kevin with a new dog. Whether or not it appears to be strange, the murder house did manage to bring the couple closer and offer them a new beginning. But not in the manner they had anticipated.

The couple has grown closer since the traumatic assault, and they have worked through their problems over time. Natalie’s company is also getting more solid, allowing them to relocate.

After Natalie stabbed him, Otto appeared to have died. The door of the secret chamber, on the other hand, closes automatically at the conclusion of the film. We are relieved that Natalie and Kevin are no longer there, however we don’t know what or who is to blame.


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