After waking up, Maria’s widow Joao Abreu leaves an emotional message

Using Instagram, João Soares, widower of Maria João Abreu, shared a sentimental script, following the actress’s aftermath.

Last Saturday, the 15th, a funeral and a funeral procession took place Maria Joao Abreu, Who passed away at the age of 57.

One day later, João Soares took to Instagram to leave a sentimental message. “Yesterday, I hugged. I hugged those closest to me and those lesser than them. Those I know and whom I have never seen before. But I hugged everyone I can. Whoever that time allows them. To admire João. João. I hugged everyone, just as she did. Exactly as she did. Exactly as she did. I always did, “widower an actress.

Cast fellow, art fellows, colleagues from other regions, old friends and the latest as well.
The family is present from day to day and one is only seen these days. Strangers from me. And strangers to her, too. Your audience. Your fans. Everyone who loves her and everyone who admires her, “he added, commenting on the photo, where one can see Maria João Abreu smiling.

For João Soares, Maria João Abreu’s renaissance reflected the way the actress liked to enjoy life: “I know there is a lot to accept. There were those who couldn’t wait. There were even those who suggested the event was poorly organized … forgive me all. … but this event was not staged. It just happened. In a natural and spontaneous way. Just like João love things. Natural and spontaneous, full of truth. And full of love. The ones that, for her, they still want my hug, and I’ll hug me over time. Some will be able to. Get my contact. Others will hit me on the street. And I’ll hug those. Just like Joao had a hug for me. “

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“Thank you all. Your presence. Greetings to you. Your friendship. Your love. With or without a hug. Thank you all. In my name. In her name. In our name.” Joões ”, he finished.

Immediately, in the comment box, the musician’s followers moved and left Emoji Countless heart-shaped messages of support.

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