Write for US – A Guest Post Enquiry | Don’t be a Noob…

Ultimately you want sponsored post on New Magazine Research or you want to make sure whether this website is good for guest blogging or not.

In any case, My recommendation to you is “Don’t be a Noob!”.

Why I am saying this?

Almost each & everyday, We got lot of queries related to guest post but we miss out the personalisation, we miss out the perfect pitch and especially, I got lot of guest post articles without contributing to our users (Yes, the users of New Magazin Research).

So, here are suggestion if you really want us to put article/ guest post on our website:

10 Quick Suggestion that You Could Use While Writing Guest Post

  1. Always consider user as your first priority just like Google does. Google keep changing their algorithm and make it more wise for the users. Similarly, create a masterpiece for the users (not just for the sake of ranking through guest post, but to get the organic traffic too).
  2. Just don’t come up with the tips & tricks of anything that is available more often on internet. Offer a clear arguments.
  3. Always remember that successful article solves a problem. So, whenever you will send us your article for review, ask yourself – Are you delivery quality in your content or not? And this will help us to quickly work with you.
  4. Don’t add unnecessary words or those words which are not adding value to your users.
  5. Use Kiss formula – Keep it Simple & Short.
  6. Storytelling
  7. Facts & Figures
  8. Adding  Quote & Quotation that support your arguments.
  9. Being Unbiased or writing down your content based on the facts (not based on your like & dislikes).
  10. Engaging users in such a way that they respond to your query.

Believe me, if you put these 10 suggestion into article as if it’s your checklist, it will give you more power to your words. And the more power you have, more chances that your content will be published and more ranking you will deserve.

Mind my words, it’s just not about the guest post, it’s about the way of writing.

When we find lack of quality in content, this is something that we are closing our relationship with users and then there is no long term benefit of doing this.

Guest blogging is one of the amazing way to contribute in each other’s website and one of the best way in content marketing.

Don’t you want to make it successful for you?

Yes, let’s just check out “what newmagazinresearch does?’ and “what type of articles you could publish as a guest post”?

What NewMagazinResearch Does?

Webseries, TV Shows, Celebrity News, Entertainment, Movies, Technology, Gaming are the areas where we work on. We make sure that whatever we publish, that should be genuine and authentic.

Right now, we are Google news top stories website which means we are getting more than 10K organic traffic through google news section only.

What is the Good thing about Google News Top Stories?

Anything you publish into google news section and if the words are having traffic (Not keywords) and we are ranking on the top of google news, we get benefits of ranking in first page of google.

Secondly, we get instant traffic on our website.

Now, How Much Important is Traffic on Your Guest Post for Ranking?

If I’ve to give this ranking factor stars out of 10, I will give 8 stars out of 10. Traffic is one of the most important factor when it comes to guest post.

Suppose you have to publish the article in one of the guest post website and you have to choose one of the given option:

  1. Website that is having High Domain Authority
  2. Website that is having lot of organic traffic

What will you choose? I will choose both but definitely, I will prioritise website that is having lot of organic traffic because that’s actually working for a Google.

Undoubtedly, Domain authority works but less than the organic traffic. NewMagazinResearch is good in both areas so you can write for us or advertise with us.

Do NewMagazinResearch Accept Sponsored Post?

Yes, We do accept sponsored post but the only ones who work based on our guidelines. Make sure that you don’t duplicate the content or you don’t write on the topics which are already available on the website.

If you have any question, you can mail us at [email protected]