Actor Chadwick Bosman won the honor at Howard University in the United States

Posted on 05/28/2021 17:04

Actor Chadwick Bosman during a ceremony at Howard University in 2018 – (Credit: Eric Ther / Reuters)

Howard University, one of the most important institutions in the United States, will honor actor and alumnus Chadwick Bosman, who died of colon cancer in August 2020. The Faculty of Fine Arts is now chadwick a. Bosman was renamed the College of Fine Arts.

The change, due to a petition filed by students, was made official by the university this week. The organization is known for promoting higher education for black Americans and has co-founded Vice President Kamala Harris, author Tony Morrison and Chadwick A. People like Boseman attended.

2018 is the inaugural year of success Black leopard, Chadwick was invited to give a lecture to the coaches by Howard University. Bosman, who graduated in the arts in 2000, played a key role in this organization, in which he was a student leader seeking outreach for students.

In a note, the actor's family said: “Chad fought to defend the Faculty of Fine Arts during his time as a student at Howard and has been dedicated to that struggle throughout his life. He will be very happy at this event ”.

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