Ace Ventura 3 Reported To Be In The Works


Jim Carrey is set to reprise his role as the titular character in Ace Ventura 3, according to a report. Fans of the original films are rejoicing at the news that there will be another installment in this beloved franchise. Stay here for more information on this story!

After almost 25 years, the notorious pet detective is returning to the big screen, and Jim Carrey is reportedly attached. Let’s see if those rumors are true.

To some, John Belushi was the finest comedic actor in Hollywood. Pet Detective (1994), where he played the ecstatic pet detective. Jim Carrey played Ace Ventura in the first two films of the franchise, Pet Detective (1994) and When Nature Calls (1995). Both installments of the franchise were major box office successes, and their fans have maintained a devoted following ever since.

The series has amassed a cult following to this day, as well as an animated program with the same name and a direct-to-video sequel titled Ace Ventura Jr.- Pet Detective (2009). The actor’s return to the character, which he has said would cause him “agonizing,” has not been confirmed.

Several projects are in development, but nothing is set in stone. Carrey has already expressed his interest in playing Ace Ventura once more for a sequel, suggesting that it may be titled “Ace Ventura 3.”

Is A Sequel Already In The Works?

According to “star” Mike Cotta, production firm Morgan Creek, which produced the first two films, was already in talks about bringing the series back since October 2017 as a reboot rather than a sequel. However, MCE’s David Robinson stated that the aim wasn’t simply to restart the entire film, but also to do a sequel in which the original Ace Ventura would pass on his legacy to a new character.

The actor also revealed that the company was “very interested” in having Jim Carrey reprise his character for a reboot. Almost two years after, film industry expert Daniel Richtman from his twitter account posted a meme of the original Ace Ventura movie with the caption ‘Ace Ventura 3?!’

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It’s interesting to note that Daniel Richtman, while he has a track record of delivering reliable film news, typically does so. But, since this isn’t an official confirmation, you should take it with a grain of salt. One of Daniel’s Twitter followers enquired if this was truly happening or simply wishful thinking, to which he vaguely replied, “Something I’m hearing.”

Okay, granted, this isn’t something we can put our hopes on, but then we received a little extra fuel that enhanced the fire even more when Morgan Creek Productions themselves tweeted this-

The production company tweeted a link to the story from WGTC with two eyes emoji. However, it does have a little bit of credibility to it since the people responsible for the first two films have outright acknowledged it as an official confirmation. ‘I’m a huge Carrey fan,’ another user wrote, ‘and I think the choice is clear.

Jim Carrey does it or you don’t do it at all.’ If it does occur, you should declare yourself as a class. Love Ace!” ‘i am not a fan of her but if you have Jim Carrey i will be !!!’ ‘I’m not a fan,’ one person wrote. Another said, ‘If you’ve got Jim Carrey, I’ll say yes!’) Then another one spoke up, saying, ‘An unneeded sequel to a 90’s film… Ok, I’ll accept it this time because Jim Carrey.”

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What Does Jim Carrey Have To Say?

Many people are curious about whether or not Carrey would, in fact, star in a third Dumb and Dumber film. According to Davidson, however, Carrey isn’t interested in doing another one. Pet Detective,’ despite David’s reservations. “Jim said it would be nice in Jamaica,” he stated. ‘You look like you’re searching for something,’ I said to him. He responded, ‘I’m not doing those things right now.’

This is directly contrary to what We Got This Covered stated just recently. However, since their claims about Scream 3 and Ghostbusters 3 have been confirmed, and Carrey indicated that he was interested in reprising his role, we may at the very least expect the best from him.


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