‘A Taiwanese Tale Of Two Cities’ Season 2: Renewed By Netflix?


It was announced in the Netflix news conference that the 20-episode series was produced by a Taiwanese television firm, KBro, and another called Good Image.

The article was recently reviewed and it remains accurate as of June 14, 2021.

Netflix released “A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities” (also known as Shuang Cheng Gu Shi) in September 2018. The story follows two Taipei women who switch places with each other.

The book is laugh-out-loud funny, and it follows the similar plot of his most famous work, ‘The Tale Of Two Cities.’ The novel was released in 1859 and quickly became a favorite among storytellers and readers. Netflix’s ‘A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities is a contemporary update on Charles Dickens’s timeless work.

The film will highlight the inspiring and dramatic tales of Li Nien-Nien, a Taipei doctor and an attractive young woman from San Francisco, as well as Josephine Huang, an attractive woman from around the same age as Nien-Nien who lives in San Francisco.

These two people switch residences and dare each other to go on one another’s a life journey, which is full of difficulties, mysteries, and unexpected events. ‘The show focuses on cross-cultural differences and similarities in Taipei and the tight-knit Taiwanese-American community in San Francisco,’ according to Netflix.

Who Are the Directors of ‘a Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities?

Tien-Lun Yeh (director) and Chia-Hui Lin, Tan-Ching Yeh, and Tien-Lun Yeh (writers) are in charge of the series. Tien-Lun Yeh is well-known among English speakers for his works such as “Night Market Hero” and another television program called “Far and Away.”

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The series is co-produced by Chieh Pan, Chin-Sheng Yeh, and Tan-Ching Yeh. The first season aired in Singapore before being released worldwide on Netflix.

‘A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities is more than simply a Netflix collaboration, it’s an opportunity for Taiwan content creators on the world stage,’ Yeh told Netflix.

Aside from the fact that, as a result of its popularity, it would be unjust to predict a second season in the near future!

When Can We Expect ‘a Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities Season 2’?

After shooting for a year, the first season of the program was aired on September 3, 2018. Netflix has stated in a press conference that the program was created to appreciate Taiwanese American culture.

In a Netflix news conference, it was revealed that the 20-episode series was a collaboration between Taiwanese television firm KBro and Good Image.

The first season’s finale aired in January, so the director Yeh and his crew will need more time to determine when Season 2 will premiere. The second season will undoubtedly include emotional exchanges, charming people, and exciting happenings.

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In the press release, Netflix’s International Originals director Jack Derderian mirrored Yeh’s sentiments, stating, ‘We’re thrilled that A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities will bring Taiwan and the United States’ multi-ethnic society to our 104 million members in 190 countries.’

‘It’s astonishing to me that this is the case,’ he said with wonder. ‘This is a testament to how excellent stories are passed on.’

Who Will Star in ‘a Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities Season 2?

The second season of the TV series may include Tammy Chen as Nien Nien, Peggy Tseng as Josephine Huang, Denny Huang as a renowned chef Ryan, Shao-Hua Lung, and Fang Wan in the roles of Nien-Nien’s father and mother. In addition, we may have Jacqueline Gourlay Grant as Mrs. Thomason and Sheng-Hao Wen as Tien-Ming.

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Michael J. Gwynn, who played the part of a Yoga Class Attendee in the first season, Mei-Ling Lo, John Lobato, Li-Yin Yang, and Corey Semple are all possibilities to make their comeback in season 2. However, until the season 2 renewal is confirmed, nothing can be said for sure.