‘A new voice with new ideas:’ Biden introduces Biden list as Transport Secretary candidate

“In the course of the campaign I learned about Pete. He was one of the wisest men you could meet, very humble. He was a mayor from the heart, a management expert, a policy winner with a big heart, a senior, a lieutenant of the United States Navy Reserve, an intelligence officer who was sent to Afghanistan when he was mayor. A new voice with new ideas is determined to move the politics of the past, ”Biden told an event in Wilmington, Delaware.

If confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Pattick will be the first LGBT cabinet secretary to be approved by the chamber.

Pattikke’s election of a first-time president knocked one of his former Democrats’ presidential opponents into his administration as cabinet secretary.

The Secretary of Transport is expected to play a key role in Python’s drive for a two-party infrastructure package.

On Wednesday, Biden spoke about how the United States lags behind other countries in terms of infrastructure standards and his plans to create jobs and rebuild crumbling roads and bridges. He talked about meeting with his climate plan and how he plans to turn the country towards electric vehicles and revive the economy while reducing energy consumption.

“We chose Beat for transportation because it is the crossroads of some ambitious plans to make it better again,” Biden said.

Pittsburgh, when speaking for the first time, spoke of Biden’s experience as mayor and his job as head of several infrastructure projects in South Bend. He said the plans would “create a new form of support for low-wage workers on their travels” and “help prepare the electric vehicle charging infrastructure for a more sustainable future.”

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The former mayor spoke about the historic nature of his appointment as a member of the LGPTU community. He said he remembers seeing James Harmel as a young man when he was attacked and refusing to vote in the Senate to serve as Luxembourg’s ambassador because he was gay. (Clinton ended up appointing Harm by a break.)

“Two decades later, a 17-year-old may be looking at us somewhere, and I can’t think of anyone who thinks they’ve been anywhere in the world, where they are, or even in their own family. I’m thinking of the message that today’s announcement sends them,” Pattick said.

The 38-year-old Pattik, the youngest member so far named in Biden’s cabinet, spoke about the role of the younger generation in infrastructure policy in the short and long term.

Pattigek spoke of his own “personal love of transportation, from childhood.” He said he would convince friends to travel nearly 1,000 miles to Indiana with him on Amtrak.

“I know I will be the second biggest train enthusiast in this administration,” Boutique said with a smile, looking back at Pitton, who had made about 8,000 rounds in Amtrak during his time as senator. The vice president earned the moniker “Amtrak Joe.”

Pattick said she proposed to her now-husband at the airport terminal. “Let no one tell you that O’Hare (International Airport) is not in love,” he joked.

Kamala Harris, who was elected vice-president almost jointly at the event, praised Pattigeek for his “sharp intellect and deep commitment to uniting people across party boundaries”.

He described him as a “retreating leader from the industrial midwest” and “a senior and dedicated public servant who represents our nation’s best and next generation American leadership.”

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“We will replace our roads and bridges, transportation systems, railways, ports and airports with clean energy. We will inspire a renaissance in American passenger rail that will not connect our country, but will open up employment and growth throughout our manufacturing sector,” Harris said.

The Vice President-elect continued, “We will expand and improve our transportation system equally, serving communities at all levels, both urban and rural.”

Pattik asked former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for advice on her role as a member of the Presidential Cabinet on the “deciding decade” on her podcast.

“First, you have to prove yourself in any of these cabinet positions. You ‘re going to be a good employee, you’m going to lead a different, more complex department, you’ re going to be,” Clinton said in a podcast released Wednesday morning, “In fact, it’s really going to take a lot of effort to get results. .

“You have to do the job” – Clinton advised Boutique to immerse itself in policy, and set goals in line with Biden’s vision for the department.

“You have to be part of the overall management approach to climate change,” Clinton said. The Democratic presidential candidate for 2016 noted that part of Boutique’s role is to restore public confidence in the use of public transportation after the epidemic.

The former mayor is seen as a leading rising star of the Democratic Party and rose to national prominence during the 2020 Democratic primary. Once an unknown mayor of a small town, Pattikke became an outstanding presidential candidate and made history as the first LGBT presidential candidate to win primary delegates from a major party.

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During his tenure as mayor, in 2014 Pattik was appointed intelligence officer for Afghanistan.

After returning from his job in 2015, Pattigek appeared as a homosexual in an article for the South Bent Tribune while working as a Matter. Later that year, Pattigeek was re-elected.

Prior to taking office, Pattick was a consultant at McKinsey & Company in Chicago.

CNN’s Don Merica contributed to this report.

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